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Patanjali Sokaris

Pondering the universe

Pondering the universe

Hello, I am Patanjali Sokaris, and I just want to add my few thoughts and words to the billions of others on the planet!

I don't expect you to believe me, but I hope I give you something to think about.

There is so much going on in the world today, and many seem to be having difficulty scaling their thoughts to encompass the realities of a whole world of interactions, let alone the rest of the universe.

This site is my attempt to make some sense of it all, by covering a lot of topics, but hopefully showing how they are all interrelated in the process.

I believe that there is so much opportunity at this time to make a world we can see as one, but we have to resist those who seek to divide us, just to avoid expanding their own consciousness.

I believe there is no going back to a 'simpler' time, as I don't believe that serves the destiny of the earth. We all need to step up to what the planet requires of us, or it will take us out of the equation, in order to protect itself.

The planet can survive without us, but we cannot survive without a planet that supports us at our current state of evolution.

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