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Personality growth is not spiritual growth
There are a plethora of self-help gurus trying to push us to buy into the idea that improving the personality is paramount, and achievable by following some regime religiously. But is that really what our lives are about?
Experience junkies
Many want more to their lives, and so attend workshops and seminars to gain more knowledge. However, they can then get caught up in the experience and high of a workshop, and so spend a lot of time jumping from one to another.
Using the subconscious
We clutter our minds up with so many worries and questions about them that we block out our most important resource, our subconscious.
Soul mates
Many people look to a soul mate as their one true love, but they are just one of many soul mates that enable you to develop and grow.
Self-awareness comes from focussing one's consciousness upon the nature of one's own thoughts, feeling and actions, rather than just reacting to life's experiences and challenges.
The limits of scriptures
Most people live their lives using beliefs based upon one of a handful of principal scriptures, but do they deserve the high importance people place in them?
So if our personalities are not our true selves, what is identity all about?
Spiritual awakening
Spiritual awakening is about realising that a lot of what we believe about ourselves is not really us, but that the real us is something beyond that and directing our lives.
Emotions and love
While we often consider love just another emotion, it is more than that, as it is the key to our transforming ourselves beyond just reacting to our circumstances in life.
Mindset is not belief
Many seem to push the idea that changing your view of things is all that is needed to change your life, but there is much more to it.

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