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Dark triads

There are a few people who have a collection of personality traits that makes them extremely dangerous for our societies.

The name makes them sound like some sort of mafia-type cartel, but they are not organised in that way. They operate on their own, but will form alliances that serve to further common goals. Conversely, they might use each other as scapegoats to deflect from their own activities. They will use their families to reinforce their dominance, but ostracise those who do not comply.

These people are extremely selfish, heartless and manipulative, which is why they are know as Dark Triad types, comprising the combinational psychological makeup of narcissism, psychopathy and Machiavellianism, respectively. They have made so many decisions throughout their lives to reinforce these attitudes that they have become extremely dangerous to anybody around them and their societies at large.

They have usually ruthlessly pushed their way to great wealth and power, and have used that to have a significant effect upon everybody else's lives by the influence of their money and especially through the force-multipliers of their businesses. They will use these to maintain their privileged lifestyles. For many, their wealth will come from inheriting their family fortunes, or at least receiving a significant helping hand from them to initially set up what went on to be very successful businesses.

Anyone with access to that much wealth and who had any compassion would have long since used their fortunes to alleviate the suffering of millions. For example, it has been estimated that alleviating hunger in the world would cost US$37 billion a year until 2030, but any two of the top 10 billionaires in the world could fund that fully between them. Instead, Bezos and Musk are trying to extend their influence into space as if the earth is doomed. They are all trying to extract as much of our money, labour and self-respect as they can, regardless of what suffering it causes us.

But this behaviour is not restricted to the very top, with many multi-billionaires refraining from helping anybody, except when they provide token charity to whitewash their reputations from the misanthropic activities that feed them their fortunes. Dark triads are driven to create suffering for their own power and control, and it is this drive that steps must be take to thwart, otherwise they will continue to destroy us and the earth. None of them care anything for any of us, so we need to remove their ability to affect masses of people.

That means keeping them out of business and government. In essence, they are to societies what paedophiles are to children: manipulative people pretending to help us while they sabotage our ability to control our lives. We cannot let them have that control, as they deliberately want to hurt us for their own gain and amusement. Unfortunately, they have created a myth around themselves as being society's saviours, and so worthy of all they take for themselves. They will sabotage any politico-economic system to advantage themselves, though neoliberalism suits them best.

We have been tearing down the statues of those we have discovered to be despicable human being, but it is time to reduce their influence before history looks favourably upon them. That is what we owe us, our descendants, and this planet and any others that they would destroy through exploitation. These elites form a very small part of the planet's population, but they create most of the pollution and suffering in the world, often through their support for wars.

They make out they are moderate and balanced, but what they create damns them. For example, it is estimated that tobacco and pollution kill about 17 million people a year, but that is well above the average annual 13 million dead from WWII. That is, so-called moderates are killing more people than homicidal racist dictators. It is time to realign our political thinking to be in terms of how humanitarian people and actions are, rather than what they are promoted as. We must remove our delusions about the value such elites are to us, because they are just plain toxic!

Breaking the chain of abuseβ–³

Unfortunately, many people are caught up in the abusive schemes and businesses that dark triads create, but they can be broken.

It may sound like that because of their privileged positions in our societies they are unassailable. They are there because people like us have placed trust in them, but that trust can be broken, leading to the breakdown of the chains of abuse that supports them. Each person in the chain often has influence over a lot more people, and by either changing any one of those key peoples' minds or removing them from influence, we break those chains and release the many more below them.

The vast majority of those caught up in the chains are not dark triads or even vicious by nature. They are mostly caught up in the years of propaganda that persuades people to treat so-called successful people as being worthy of our veneration. If we see the lie that we have taken as valid, we have the opportunity to disconnect from the delusion. For many, that is hard to let go of, especially since we have often tied our identity to being one of their true believers.

If we follow the truth, we will see the lies for what they are, and thus that dark triads are emperors with no clothes without masses believing in them. They may have a high level of manipulative skill which they use against us, but they are intrinsically still no more powerful as human beings than any of us. We have ways of connecting to a lot more people than in the past when all the media were controlled by people like them. The internet may be dominated by a lot of companies led by dark triads, but the internet itself is not, and thus far more democratic.

While social media is controlled by dark triad led companies, there are limits to how much they can do to stop the truth getting out, if only because their own arguments about not being the publishers of content but just platforms for others means that they cannot stop people speaking the truth. We can also have our own website, and pretty well write whatever we want. There are many avenues to get the truth as we see it out. There may be consequences, but there are no longer the many filters that prevented the truth getting out previously.

It is important to not try to make excuses for why such people are like they are, as if it will offer any path to mitigating their choices. They have made so many choices of their own free will to reinforce their thinking and behaviours that any initial forming circumstances are irrelevant. They are sane people who know who they are and willingly choose to be that. They are beyond changing or redemption, such is their commitment to their path, and they will use any means to protect it, even deception and creating suffering.

There seems to be a tendency to define people by their ideology as if it is some critical part of their personality. While people can be driven by their belief in an ideology, its power comes from their belief, as an idea has no power until then. However, many people claim an ideology, not for itself, but as a means to their own aggrandisement, in status or wealth. Psychopaths will always use an ideology for their own benefit because all their actions are transactional. Claiming an ideology should not be taken at face value, but evidence of how it is actually lived is required.

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