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Dark triad people have created most of the problems throughout human history. Fortunately, the modern information age has given us a lot of evidence of what they do now.

It is only through sifting through the historical records that we have come to pierce the mythology surrounding many historical figures seen as heroes, and now understand how truly dastardly they were, and so rightfully want to pull down monuments to their nefarious glory. They wrote their own history, putting themselves as the benefactors, movers and shakers of their time. We now know that many benefitted themselves by moving others' wealth their way by shaking them down rather violently. It is time to put the same forensic lens upon their modern incarnations.

Machiavellianism, psychopathy and narcissism in highly successful individuals will have been demonstrated over years, if not decades. While anybody can exhibit some of these traits from time to time, dark triads will be consistent in their thinking, choices and actions, and it is these by which they can be identified. Since they are most powerful as heads of corporations or in government, there will be ample long-term evidence of their actions. That means that the evidence is there, but a concerted effort will be needed to uncover and collate it all.

For those interested in undertaking this work, it will involve:

  1. 1.Picking a person to focus upon.
  2. 2.Forensically sifting through and documenting their career engagements, where they invest, and decisions made in positions in corporations or government.
  3. 3.Forensically documenting the results of those decisions and the extent of the effects of those decisions upon others.
  4. 4.Building a collated presentation of the results of these efforts with citations of all sources.

It is important to be thorough and document all decisions and actions, good or bad. While those at the top will tend to be consistently bad, there may be some who have grown up in circles that have been mainly dark triads, but who are not showing the consistently nefarious actions of those around them, and so might be amenable to being persuaded to break ranks if shown the results of their career choices. If they still have empathy for people, they can probably be persuaded to sever ties with individuals and organisations that are hurting people, and so produce less suffering.

This work can be done by individuals or groups, though the latter will need to be under the direction of one who takes full responsibility, or as an association with rules that keep focus on the task and prevent hijacking for other purposes. Preferably set up a website to display evidence with citations, good or bad, as it is verified, so that others have an opportunity to see and verify for themselves. Seeing such evidence may prompt others to help, or even to start their own investigation on someone else.

Just to reiterate, being able to point the finger at somebody being a dark triad will need a consistent pattern of nefarious actions, and that should amount to hundreds or thousands of harmful actions. Be acquainted with the definitions of those dark triad traits. Unfortunately, those individual traits tend to be seen as mostly manifesting in those lower in society, while the worst offenders have been successful in building myths around their success and making them worthy of being society's leaders. It is those myths that require this research to help dispel them.

Once a thorough historical timeline of nefariousness has been documented, it is time to spread the results. If the research has been thorough enough, there may be some summary amounts, like numbers of incidents or monetary amounts of total loss by affected people, that can be cited on flyers or in emails to elected representatives. Some histories may be submitted to anti-corruption bodies or brought to the attention of news outlets. This part is a marketing exercise, so it needs to be individually tailored to each of the targeted societal segments.

Note that while we might use the signs of the particular traits to identify who the villains are, don't attempt to publicly label them as such. This is because being able to legally state that requires a qualified person who has actually held one-to-one diagnostic sessions with them. Also, people may not know what the words mean. It will be enough to present the hundreds or thousands of pieces of nefarious evidence and put the question of whether we should be allowing them to be the ones in control of corporations, government, news outlets, or whatever they do to be able to damage society.

Authorising genocide is definitely psychopathic, and anyone who supports them needs to be publicly called out for doing so. For example, as Norman Finkelstein did on in responding to Bernie Sanders' comments about not supporting a ceasefire in Gaza by claiming that Hamas needed to be destroyed, despite that meaning tens of thousands of people there, half of which were children, would die. People like Sanders cannot be allowed a pass when they can lend their voice to saving people who are living in an Israeli-run concentration camp being bombed by them.

However, politicians like Sanders are not necessarily psychopathic themselves, but caught up following an economic ideological rule book that has policies that hurt people. We can see that many Republicans in the US, Tories in the UK, Liberals in Australia, and others like them around the world don't really know what they are doing, while those from other parties are torn between actually helping people and following the donor-influenced party line. Some like Donald Trump are just so stupidly narcissistic that they can be controlled easily by psychopaths. Focus upon the donors instead.

In the meantime, keep the website up to date with any developments, as it gives other investigation efforts hope as well as indicating where to direct their marketing when the time comes. We are in a battle to take back our societies from those who want to take it all. In this combined effort, we can undermine the belief system that many people have bought into, and which keeps these nefarious people in power. We are trying to make reality intrude on the delusions.

While undertaking these efforts, don't get caught up it all too much. It is important to keep perspective. Allow humour to intrude often, and remember to keep respect for each other. Researching one person will take time and effort, which must be kept in balance with other responsibilities to family and work. Treat it as a hobby, but don't get too obsessed. Good luck with your efforts.

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