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While we often consider love just another emotion, it is more than that, as it is the key to our transforming ourselves beyond just reacting to our circumstances in life.

Emotions are like taking a temperature. They are what they are at the time, but beyond that moment, they are gone. They can indicate where we are in that instant, but trying to capture or prolong that moment can be a fool's errand.

Emotions are an effect that occurs in our personality, and unless we are self-aware enough to know what within us caused us to generate them, we are likely to spend an excess of time and effort trying to emulate the external circumstances that we associate with them, as if it is as simple as playing with Lego blocks. In this way, we can give emotions more causal importance than they really deserve. They are real, but they are not the sort of real that lasts long enough to transform us.

However, love is not an ordinary emotion. It is the joy of our inner being that transcends any moment and what we feel in it. When we fall in love, we get to experience some of that joy and inner connection for a period. If we really selflessly work at it, we can extend the time we are there. Love impels us to throw off the limitations we put on ourselves, but if we try to control or put limits and conditions on love, we pull ourselves out of that special space, which can lead to despair and resentment as we fail to reach those heights again.

Love has the capability to lift and transform us, and thus transcend the vagaries of our reactive emotional life. Let it work in us while it moves us. Share it, let it flow. Let it cleanse our emotions and bring purity into our thoughts.

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