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Exploitation is short-sighted

In the past, those who relied on exploitation could get away with it because the means for people to find out about it were limited, but no more.

Israel has been trying to eliminate Palestinians since the country was founded, but for anyone not in the region, what was going on was unknown, though for many it was a case of willful ignorance. But that is not possible any more because we are seeing a plethora of YouTubes of the genocide in progress in 2023, and the masses of pro-Palestinian demonstrations around the world. This has come about because almost anyone has the technology to capture what is actually going on and upload it for the world to see. The propaganda put out by various governments cannot stop that barrage of views.

The other aspect that has changed is the ready availability of cheap weapons. We see the Houthis in Yemen that sympathise with the Palestinians stalling Red Sea traffic. It is a small number of people causing a huge amount of expensive disruption. Of course it always had a chance of happening and it is not like there was no precedent for it. When world governments refused to support fishers in Somalia by protecting their coastal seas when their government could no longer do that, those same fishers took to piracy for their livelihoods and caused $millions of losses in ransoms and naval support.

World governments were being very short-sighted in not dealing with problems that they could have easily done something equitable about, but instead let the problems fester to the point that those who were exploited and neglected hit back in dramatic ways with very little effort, but at a cost that far outweighed the amount of effort it would have taken to solve the original problems. The problem here is that the short-sightedness comes from a false sense of superiority leading to underestimating the risks of their situation.

This is the situation that almost every war undertaken has resulted in, especially in recent decades where we have seen massive war machines routed by mobilised civilians sabotaging the working of those machines in very low-cost ways. Half-assed might does not always win against determined people with a vested interest in what they are fighting for. The blunt and damaging force used only provoked more of the affected to resist. The result is not stability, but the excess militarisation and corruption involved has resulted in further suppression and exploitation by the despots who remained.

For the last few decades, the citizens in those exploiting countries have begun to realise that the huge military expenses involved did not bring about stability in the countries invaded, but took their situations backward. However, those citizens have been happy to go about their lives as if what happened elsewhere in the world did not affect them. But now they see the direct results of what supporting the psychopaths in other countries results in, and question the ethics of those politicians that keep our countries supporting them.

We have seen that a relatively few number of people demonstrating as a result of seeing the genocides is making many politicians rethink their unequivocal support for psychopaths, but we also see how they are unwilling to really do anything about it, despite being willing to throw excess military resources at other countries with a lot less inhumanity going on and on much flimsier pretexts. People are increasingly seeing how much politicians are unwilling to really solve the world's problems, and thus how much they cannot be trusted.

An example of how politician are willing to use misdirection to feign action is when President Biden of the US sanctioned a few Israeli settlers for excessive violence against Palestinians while still supporting the whole state genociding the same peoples.

Despite the rampant propaganda trying to persuade us to allow ourselves and others be exploited, we are finally seeing that our eyes are being opened to the true amount of suppression and exploitation in the world, who is doing it, and who is facilitating them. We are in a phase of reckoning about who we should really trust and what we need to take responsibility for. We are being forced to be more mature in our attitude to what is happening in the world. Time for us to put away our childhood thinking.

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