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Feeling clean involves some way of cleaning our skin and hair, but feeling revitalised takes in more of our senses.

I present here a theory, based upon my personal experience and observation of others, so take it as you will.

Personally, I feel refreshed and recharged when I feel a gentle breeze upon my skin. I am revitalised by it. This effect upon the skin is key, being a magnifying factor affecting the depth of feeling associated with which element and associated sense one prefers.

The calming activity a person prefers seems to be related to a particular element and sense by:
aAirTasteSitting in a light breeze, chatting with friends over a meal, cycling, highway cruising in open car or motorcycle
bFireSightWatching logs burn with the flames lapping, sunbathing
cWaterHearingSounds of a babbling brook, mild background noise, swimming, long bath or shower
dEarthSmellWorking in the garden, walking in a forest, constructing with hands

These are not exclusive from each other, but a set of preferences, and even within each, different people will prefer different activities, depending upon whether their temperament is biased towards introversion or extroversion, quiet relaxation or intense activity.

Of course, for some people, some activities that would otherwise be relaxing may also have aspects that create stress, so undermining any benefits. Experimentation will help uncover what activities work best.

Touch comes into it for each as it is the sense that experiences an overall effect covering all of the body. It enables feeling immersed and protected by the element of choice. We feel wind buffeting our hair, the warmth of the sun, water flowing over our bodies, and earth in our hands. Through touch, we feel connected to the elements in a primal way that bypasses our thinking and feelings. We feel at peace.

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