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Five eyes turned blind

The alliance between the five countries comprising the UK and its major former colonies has been on a steady course of weakening their democracies.

The US, UK, Canada, Australia and NZ all consider the Magna Carta a foundational legal document for their claim to be democracies. While that document has been the inspiration for social and political reform movements over the last few centuries, it did come about because a bunch of rich and powerful men decided that they could usurp some sovereign power. So, while giving credence to the notion of democracy, that document also gives credence to non-elected cartels usurping power from governments, and we see this in the subjugation of them to trans-national corporations.

All these countries have governments drawn from essentially only two parties, typically projecting themselves as either conservative or small-L liberal, but with corporate donations liberally spread to both parties in all these countries, they have become so aligned that they are better described using The Juice Media's monikers of the Shit Party and the Shit Lite Party respectively. In other words, there is not really a lot of choice between them in term of their economic and social outlook, and excessive similarity in how they support the psychopaths leading Israel and many companies.

The direction their governments have been going in the last few decade has been to become more obviously anti-democratic, due to the dominance of neoliberal thinking and policies. However, the Israeli genocide of Palestinians has shown just how toxic they have become, both in their outward support for such toxic regimes, but also in how much they are willing to ignore the wishes of their own people by passing progressively more authoritarian legislation to suppress dissent.

In a way, like the imposition on South American countries of authoritarian rulers was to enable experimenting with neoliberalism, and led to its pervasive implementation throughout the world, supporting Israel is showing how these countries can be turned into psychopathic states with an overwhelming majority support of their people. This is the next logical step in the complete destruction of democracy in the whole world. This is what must be stopped if we are to ever have true freedom and fairness in the world.

Politically, we have to elect those who truly want democracy before the doors close to that opportunity. The juggernaut that is Modi's BJP Party in India is already swamping the politics there by embroiling opposition politicians in fake charges of corruption to stifle any resistance to their takeover. With Shit Lite parties seemingly the only opposition to such demagogues, we have to start electing a lot of independents and renegade major party politicians who actually want democracy.

For some of these countries, their Greens Parties do seem more focused upon more people-centric policies, so could form a nucleus around which independents could rally to push for electoral and economics reforms, even if it initially only serves to raise awareness of better alternatives that the major parties can begin to accommodate. We have to raise the profile of democracy as the only system that has the opportunity to serve us, but only if we also highlight those nefarious individuals operating to subvert our governments by revealing how they are sabotaging us with propaganda and lies.

The other sort of actions we can take are to refuse to engage in the type of toxic society they have been using to herd us to this loss of our agency. We can weaken their hold over us by disconnecting our misplaced investment in their toxic pyramid belief schemes that have us so tied up in selfish stress that we are blind to what they are doing to us. We don't have to climb over each other to bring prosperity to the world, but that requires us to cooperate in denying them the opportunity to syphon off our common wealth that underwrites their selfishly excessive prosperity.

We don't have to follow those who are blind to our humanity into our own and the earth's destruction. The opportunity is now, and we have to make the decisions and take the actions that will change our fate and that of the earth.

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