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Patanjali Sokaris

Pondering the universe

How big is God?

Definitely bigger than you can imagine

By their nature, God is bigger than us as individuals, but how big? I am not referring to popularity here, but the actual size of God.

For most, their idea of what God is will be defined by what is written in scriptures, but that may be limited by the understanding of the writers, without the benefit of the expansion of knowledge that has occurred since they were written.

This is not helped when what are meant to be great creators, and masters of our world, are translated into popular culture as a bunch of impetuous, self-indulgent freeloaders, as those of Greek and Roman mythology are often portrayed.

The Renaissance really popularised the idea of God as a wise old man, sitting in heaven. But is the creator of the universe, that brings billions of galaxies into being, really some humanoid in some particular place, seemingly perpetually focussed on the comings and goings of us humans, over all else?

Perhaps we are looking at this world from the wrong perspective, and we need to expand our thought horizon to encompass more that what was presented to a limited number of people hundreds or thousands of years ago, perhaps to provide some context to their lives, but only from what they were able to comprehend at the time.

Reality, or the truth, while obstensibly unalterable, is only seen via the limits of our senses and minds, which are rather malleable, so we need to be open to expanding our view of ourselves and the universe around us, as more facets are revealed to us, just so we can make the most of the new possibilities now becoming available to us.

As we discover more about the universe, our idea of God's size must also match in scope, else we risk being caught restricting ourselves and what we are capable of.

Of course, expanding our consciousness challenges a lot of what we have emotionally invested in the now-limited views of God, and what They required of us, as perpetuated by others, perhaps mistakenly believing that is the complete truth.

Belonging to a group or religion can give us a sense of belonging, seemingly safe among those who believe like we do. But someone new to a religion will not believe the same things as one steeped in it from years of devotion, nor the same as one who is becoming dissillusioned with it.

Beliefs change according to changes in your thoughts as you experience your life, so take charge of the process and be proactive in directing what you believe and how you live your life. Then you may be more open to what God requires of you to do, rather than just doing a bunch of pre-defined actions prescribed by the aggregated beliefs of others.

God is unlimited, so be open to being more than what you have imagined you are limited to.

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