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Israel – stand with psychopaths

Israel was created with the intent of being an apartheid racist genocidal ethno-state. Those that choose to support it are complicit in this goal and are anti-humanitarian.

The use of psychopath here is as a shorthand for the extremely selfish, heartless and manipulative people known as Dark Triad types, comprising the combinational psychological makeup of narcissism, psychopathy and Machiavellianism, which are the personality qualities that facilitate rapidly reaching and remaining in the echelons of power in our societies.


Criticising Israel is not antisemitism, but conflating it is opens up all Jews to antisemitism because they may all be viewed as supporting genocide, which should rightly be condemned.

Israel is a government and institutes policies that may benefit Jews, but that does not mean all Jews worldwide believe those policies should be applied, especially if they harm non-Jews. While many Jews may condone Israel's actions against Palestinians, that is not universal, as shown by the vast numbers demonstrating around the world for Palestinians. Israel's conflation is hiding behind all Jews to avoid the consequences of its actions, and thus throwing them under the bus. That alone makes Israel itself antisemitic.

Israel only receives unqualified support from the US and its allies because it has strategic significance for their hegemony. This is also not a valid reason to accept genocide, but we know this has been the result of previous US efforts at maintaining its hegemony, especially in South America where they were successful in installing their compliant psychopathic mass-murdering dictators, and in South East Asia where they weren't. The US and any other government supplying arms to Israel while they commit genocide is aiding their genocide, and should be charged along with Israel in the ICJ.

Of course, all those who claim to be supporting Palestine are not humanitarians. Kim Jong Un and Vladimir Putin are more psychopaths who would also be partial to wiping out Palestinians if they controlled the area. They are a case of psychopaths calling out other psychopaths to further their own ends. They will form alliances if it suits them, even while publicly admonishing each other. The world of psychopaths is duplicitous and their reign needs to be brought to an end if people and the planet are to truly live in peace.

The duplicity of Western allies in supporting Israel in its genocide for decades gives other nations license to commit genocide with immunity, be that China with Uyghurs, India with Muslims, and Russia with Ukraine. The existence of Israel is why the Western nations are losing moral authority to lecture other nations on democracy, especially as politicians in those countries are ignoring the clear majority of their citizens by continuing to support the genocide. Nobody cares about what hypocrites say, but we should, if only to change their minds or move them out of the way.

To the people of Palestine

I am sorry you are the ones whose suffering
is revealing those who stand with psychopaths

May your humanity shine through
despite those who seek to extinguish it in you.

From the river to the sea
build a land where all are free.

Original sin

Israel is the culmination of a Zionist effort to takeover Palestine for exclusive use by Jews using any means possible. This is where all the problems started, and why it is a terrorist state.

Zionism was a settler-colonial product of Ashkenazi Jews in Europe and the US. They enlisted the help of settler-colonial experts in the British. Once created, and Jews emigrated to Israel, those from Arab countries – known as the Mizrahi – were treated as second-class citizens. The latter were relegated to slums to serve as low-paid workers for Ashkenazi Jews who were given the houses and lands of the Palestinians they had forcedly displaced, such as the 750,000 Palestinians kicked off their land in 1948 – known as the Nakba – and herded them into Gaza.

Israeli governments have:

  1. a.Supported the precursor of Hamas to provide a counter to the PLO to create division among the Palestinians, and provided substantial funding to Hamas since.
  2. b.Provided the right of return for any Jew in the world, regardless of whether they ever had residence or any connection to Palestine, whereas non-Jewish Palestinians can never return once having left, which seems to be the goal in forcing Gazans into the uninhabitable Sinai desert.
  3. c.Kept Gaza overcrowded and repeatedly cut off services and restricted imports, and prevented them from ever having the ability to improve their economy.
  4. d.Used the IDF to kidnap children and others from their homes in the West Bank without charge for extended periods (who Hamas was taking the hostages to swap for).
  5. e.Supported Jewish settlers taking over Palestinian homes and lands, including supplying weapons to them, in contravention of agreements and international law.

This cannot be Israel defending itself because they hold all the cards. They kick people off their own land, herded over 2 million of them into the most overcrowded space on earth, and bomb and starve them so that almost half of them are unemployed. Israel created a perfect storm of resentment and frustration that made actions like the Hamas breakout and massacre on inevitable, and then blame them for all the problems when they do react. I doubt anyone blames the participants in the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising when they were faced with extermination in death camps.

This is vicious double-standards, all because these psychopaths have put out so much double-think propaganda about being the victims when they are the obvious bullies, especially when they use their multitude of political organisations worldwide to bully and threaten so many peoples' livelihoods with unfounded claims of antisemitism. They have bullied politicians into officially accepting definitions of antisemitism that include expressing anti-Israel sentiments. The Israeli hypocrisy is that despite all this, their government is aligning with antisemitic governments like Orban's in Hungary.

Fortunately, despite what governments and various political party apparatuses try to promote about Israel, ordinary people are seeing that the reality of backing an apartheid ethno-state is genocide, and taking to the streets to voice their opposition, including many Jews and Rabbis who abhor what is being done in their name. Zionism is akin to Nazism, as Albert Einstein, Hanna Ahrent and other Jews wrote in an open letter in 1948, and we should not accept it because of historical and ongoing victimhood. Genocide does not validate more genocide.

The whole state apparatus of Israel is set up to not only eradicate non-Jews from its own lands, but also from Palestinian lands. Unlike with South Africa, where the country's name did not reflect the ethnicity of the regime, if Israel were to cease to be an ethno-state, its name would have to change in order to represent a more inclusive society. As it now is, Israel represents all the worst a government could be, and rightfully should be shunned and divested from until it can become a true democracy among the despotic regimes that surround it, who should also be divested from.

Here we must be clear that we are talking about a state that promotes ethnic cleansing and that is different from the actual ethnicity of its citizens. The former is using the latter. Israelis, those in Nazi Germany nor Gazans fully supported those in their governments, and usually have many reasons for doing so if they did. However, those citizens who support the genocidal efforts of their governments, even if by ignoring them, are complicit and thus also responsible.

Many claim Hamas brainwashes Palestinian youth to hate Jews, but it is Israel that has pervasive discrimination, and taught hatred of Palestinians within schools, throughout their IDF service where their duties include to randomly harass them in their homes, through to blanket suppression of any news that shines any reality on the lives of Palestinians, and on to training children to sing genocidal songs. This is decades-long industrial-level anti-Palestinian propaganda.

No Palestinian organisation has the resources to mount such a level of propaganda, especially since Israel has such a tight control over what technology they can get hold of, but for those that can access the internet, it is clear who is bombing them and who is helping them do that. If anything, it is these actions by Israel that is prompting Palestinians to hate Israelis. With a government like that, who needs Hamas! But then, successive governments have needed a Hamas to play the bogeyman to keep their own population fearful and under control.

Of course, a government can become something more sinister and repressive after coming to power, but usually they will have provided ample evidence of what the nature of their rule was to be really about. The Nazis were quite clear early on about which groups they were targeting so the outcome was to be expected once they had power. People are responsible for the actions of the governments they willingly choose. However, a country like Germany does not atone for its Nazi past by supporting a Nazi-like Israel, but by standing for humanity, including those of all Palestinians, including Jews.

Many are afraid to speak out for fear of losing their livelihoods because of the political climate fostered by the Israeli propaganda machine, but at some point, we have to stand up for humanity and stop supporting psychopaths in their destruction of our societies and the planet. Many may just be mentally continuing with the meme of Israel merely being a deserved Jewish homeland that can do whatever it likes to, but that is not good enough if it means ignoring the reality of the genocide that results. Mental laziness is no excuse. Anyone who tolerates genocide is not worthy of any respect.

This is about a fundamental humanitarian issue with the founding and operation of the state of Israel. It should not be about the Jewish people nor part of a false conflation of solidarity with the Jewish people as being support for the state of Israel. Israel is, and always has been a racist genocidal apartheid state that has suppressed and persecuted non-Jews. Expressing solidarity with Israel is openly supporting psychopaths. Such sentiments are dangerous platitudes and those who express them should be called out. We should never accept genocide as being the price of a nation's existence.

Netanyahu – the head psychopath

While any genocidal apartheid government needs psychopaths to maintain its momentum, Netanyahu is clearly the worst.

Psychopaths do not care about their country, its peoples, nor those of any other. Their only goal is to get what they want while creating as much suffering for others as they possibly can. They have placed themselves well beyond being reasoned with, nor have they any empathy that can be appealed to, just because they have made countless decisions to think like they do. Power and its destructive use is their goal and modus operandi. The only action that can stop them is to undo the means by which they controls others, otherwise other psychopaths will fill their shoes.

Throughout their political life, Netanyahu has been a vicious advocate for creating death and destruction, from trying to get the US to battle Iran to invoking a Biblical psychopath to spur the genocide of the Palestinian people. This person is absolutely toxic to peace, and they should be removed from any position of power as soon as possible.

Israel will never be safe while Netanyahu keeps trying to create wars with their neighbours. On their watch, they have gathered around themselves a bunch of unhinged racist hawks that are only too willing to put Israel on the path to its own destruction in their search for racial supremacy, such is the perverted logic of psychopaths. While Israeli citizens have been all too willing to allow genocide for decades, under Netanyahu, over 40% want the killing to be stepped up. This is a nation whose depravity exceeds even Nazi Germany, astonishingly with the ardent support of Germany.

We are truly seeing the destruction that supporting psychopaths leads to. That so many Western governments are enthusiastically supporting Israel in their genocide just shows why those governments have been turning their own countries dysfunctional while allowing their rich to gouge their societies of the common wealth to everybody else's detriment. It is time to rid our societies of the psychopaths that are trying to destroy our lives and sanity, for the sake of our lives, world peace and the planet.

Anyone who supports such psychopaths deserves condemnation, though not because they are of any particular ethnicity, but because they are siding with the enemies of humanity. Too many politicians and others take money from psychopaths in return for their careers, and we are the ones who have to suffer. We are constantly bombarded by propaganda that distract us from the exploitation by the rich. We can reduce our complicity in others' destruction, and hopefully others see that there is life beyond being slaves to the perverted and destructive lifestyles of the exceedingly wealthy.

Any country providing munitions to Israel is directly complicit in their genocide. It doesn't matter that they may not be used yet, because they still allow the genocide to proceed at full pace without Israel having to worry about having to keep some of their their current stocks in reserve for the future.

Israel has had several people that have perpetrated genocide against Palestinians since it was created, and that is because it could only exist as an exclusively Jewish ethnostate if run by those who were willing to do so. But that does not mean we have to support them, or automatically allow them to exist in that form. We can and should do all the things that turned South Africa away from apartheid. Then there is the possibility for peace among all peoples living between the Jordan River and the Mediterranean Sea.

Exporting state terrorism

For decades, Israel has been exporting state terrorism.

Israel supported apartheid South Africa (SA) and exported weapons and training of their forces, until the world tide was turning against such racist states, and to which the SA government complained that since they were both apartheid states, why was Israel rejecting SA? Israel is training police forces from the US and other countries in how to militarise themselves by giving training in how to deal with protestors, which we are now seeing put into action on multiple US university campuses, but saw earlier in Seattle.

Israeli propaganda groups in various countries are stirring up hysteria about peaceful pro-Palestinian protests making Jews fearful so that their governments take police action to break them up by arresting them for being anti-Semitic, including the large numbers of Jews doing the protesting. This is a terrorist state trying to turn other states into also carrying out state terrorism. The psychopathic state of Israel does not care for anything other than power and creating more suffering by destabilising other states. This is psychopathy in action.

Israel intelligence industries export surveillance technology to repressive governments around the world to spy on their citizens. By all this, Israel is exporting its expertise in state terrorism around the world. Wanabee dictators want what Israel offers so that they can control their own citizens like Israel controls the Palestinians. This is how such psychopath-led states spread suffering and trauma throughout the world. It is another reason why the Israeli state is toxic to the world and must be stopped.

Sabotaging democracies

Israel has been infiltrating Western democratic governments for years.

Politicians have always been subject to the influence of the rich and influential who fund (read bribe) their parties to legislate in their favour. However, in recent years Israeli-backed political groups have gained outsized influence over politicians by funding the same parties and supplying so-called experts who push Israeli interests ahead of the host country's own.

Such actions include:

  1. a.Infiltrating Labour in the UK to purge the party of all Jews that disagree with Zionism by claiming they are anti-Semitic.
  2. b.In Australia, getting a definition of anti-Semitism put forward by an Israeli-backed organisation that includes anti-Israel criticism as being anti-Semitic.
  3. c.Getting the overwhelming majority of US house politicians to pass laws outlawing anti-Israel criticism, while criticism of the US government is still allowed, as well as defining anti-Semitism purely by reference to that provided by an Israeli-backed organisation.
  4. d.Getting many governments to breakup peaceful pro-Palestinian demonstrations by labelling them as violent and anti-Semitic, and thus a threat to Jews by being allowed.

Such a level of kow-towing to the apartheid genocidal wants of another government is unprecedented, except for puppet governments put in place by occupying powers. Israel is overtaking democratic governments by financial incentives for their politicians to get what it wants. This is industrial levels of sabotage that have been used by the wealthy to allow their homicidal businesses to remain unfettered, but now being used to promote genocide. This shows why allowing such financial influence over politicians is detrimental to democracies.

Perspective on the Hamas attack

While Israel continually uses the Hamas attack as the justification for their current genocide, the events warrant closer examination.

Hamas has stated the attack on was to take hostages to swap for illegal detainees, including children, kidnapped by the IDF from their homes in the West Bank. Nothing was done by the Palestinian Authority, nor any supporter of Israel, to stop those kidnappings. That is the context for the attack. Taking hostages is illegal, just as illegal as the Palestinians that were kidnapped, yet all the rage is directed at Hamas, who were driven by trying to stop the trauma that Israel was creating. That sounds like an anti-terrorist action, but in the rather warped perspective of militias.

Gazans attacked many locations in three waves, taking the hostages they wanted back to Gaza in cars, some of which were clearly burnt out by missiles from Israeli helicopters on their way back, killing the hostages as well as the militants. The base that Hamas attacked was destroyed at the behest of its Israeli commander, killing any Israeli civilians in there as well. Hopefully, such atrocities by Israeli forces will all come out to show the ruthlessness that Israel has been prosecuting their oppression all along.

The UN sent a SRSG-SVC mission to Israel for two weeks to report on sexual violence possibly committed by Gazans on and after, as well as by Israel against Palestinian detainees. The report concluded …there are reasonable grounds to believe that conflict-related sexual violence occurred during the 7 October attacks in multiple locations across Gaza periphery, including rape and gang rape, in at least three locations. The team interviewed several Israeli government and Palestinian Authority agencies, but not any survivors of the original attack, nor to anyone in Gaza.

To the mission's status, Given the mission was not investigative, it did not gather information and/or draw conclusions on attribution of alleged violations to specific armed groups. Such attribution would require a fully-fledged investigative process., which is to say that they don't know who of the many groups involved in the original attack committed any of the offences. Therefore, it is not known what atrocities were actually committed by Hamas, who have denied claims of harm against civilians, including the commission of rape. Time will tell if the rhetoric against Hamas is warranted.

However, Israel, and Biden and their team, repeated unsubstantiated claims of supposed Hamas atrocities spread by ultra-Orthodox Israeli NGOs out for donations. They ignored evidence of that wide-scale killing by Israeli forces of their own soldiers and citizens as collateral damage in the killing of Hamas operatives at any cost. Condemnation obviously needs to be based on actual proof, not hearsay and propaganda used purposely to whip up hysteria.

Much propaganda by Israel and its supporters is about portraying Hamas as bloodthirsty opponents to Jews and Israel, yet absolutely nothing is being said or done about the many far more extensive crimes against Palestinians that Israel has committed up to the Hamas attack, as if those had no significant bearing upon why the attack was done. It is easy for those not subject to oppression, kidnapping and genocide to claim those who are should somehow be utterly polite and diplomatic. Are they not allowed any actions to change their situation when everyone else is supporting the oppressors?

According to a report by Al Jazeera, with clarifications given in an interview with Owen Jones, there was no evidence of organised torture or rape. What is clear is that the runaway success of the incursion overwhelmed the capacity of local commanders to control their troops, which is why there were so many seemingly indiscriminate and opportunistic actions taken against whomever they came across. The attack planners hadn't expected to be so successful and the troops did not know of the attack until the day, so they were left to take out their frustrations on whomever they came across.

We can see that Israeli claims about Hamas and Palestinians are not to be trusted at all unless there is verifiable corroboration. Too many of its allies are too willing to take their claims at face value and parrot them at press conferences, yet fail to even robustly criticise Israel for its obvious and well-documented genocide, past and present.

There is plenty of historical evidence that suppressing peoples incites some of those oppressed to form some level of armed resistance to the oppressors, so why should anyone expect any difference in Israel. This is industrial levels of gaslighting of those who have little to defend themselves, all to support genocidal psychopaths, and hide it from the rest of the world, and their own peoples, until now.

There is what is called the fog of war, in which some get caught up in the emotional depravity that war is, but in the face of persistent genocidal actions that have been going on for decades and that everybody else is supposed to be stopping, but is ignoring or cheering on instead, violence is the only recourse. To then label them as terrorists is despicable, but that is the rhetoric of psychopaths to shore up the support that allows them to continue. Any nation that gives credence to this situation, but claims to be supporting Palestinians, is actually supporting their genocide.

We will eventually find out most of what happened during the hours after the start of the attack, but until now, much invalid judgement is being heaped upon Hamas as a result of huge amounts of dishonest propaganda designed to deflect from what Israel has done for decades and which led a very small part of a desperate and frustrated people to try to change the despicable and oppressive situation, just like the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising tried to do in desperation, but ultimately failed in because they rebelled against those who greatly out-powered them.

All militants in this conflict have done despicable things, but the context is that the Israeli state is trying to rid itself of all Palestinians, or at least deprive them of agency and dignity, through institutionalised violence, rather than opportunistic lashing out. This is a gross power imbalance, not some fair war between matched opponents. The resistance is essentially about being oppressed, and not that the oppressors are Jewish, though Israel is claiming to do the oppressing to ensure Jewish supremacy.

This is exactly like what the Nazis did, though some elements of the Allies also committed all sorts of atrocities against civilians, often through proxies, to stop them. The only difference is that the Allies won, but went on to support Israel to continue the same Nazi-like cycle of pseudo-racial and cultural domination of other peoples. Those Allies subsequently did nothing to punish those among them who authorised and committed the atrocities, and even pardoned some of those among the Axis powers who performed their own so that the Allies could get their data.

The Hamas attack on was a ham-fisted violent attempt to bring light to a situation where the genocide of Palestinians was being forgotten in all the fake self-congratulations over the apparent thawing of relations between an apartheid Israel and its authoritarian neighbours. Well, it did, and we got to see what levels of genocidal violence Israel was willing to go to to maintain its hold over half its population on its path to their destruction.

While there is talk of the US finally suggesting having a temporary ceasefire, it is dependent upon the release of all hostages, but only those held by Hamas. This excludes children held by Israel who were grabbed from their homes in the West Bank. However, they are not officially hostages because Israel didn't grab them for any reason other than to prove they can, which is basically state terrorism. This ignoring of Israel's actions leading up to the Hamas attack is why the attack happened, but demands are only made of Hamas, not Israel, except by the ICJ.

No longer content with using the Holocaust to justify their genocide, Israeli has used the attack by Hamas and others to ramp up their plans. They are using false claims of torture and rape to further dehumanise Palestinians so that they continue to get foreign support to continue their genocide. Overall, it seems that Palestinians are a meek and adaptable people to be able to put up with such inhumane conditions for so long, and it may be that they will indeed inherit the earth beneath their feet as Israel grossly reveals itself to be the psychopathic regime it has always been.

If Palestinians were as murderous and intent on destroying the Israeli state as much as claimed by the Israeli government, with a population almost equal to that of Jews there, they could obliterate Jewish society there in days, just by sheer people power. With over 6000 bombs dropped on Gaza, and 15% not exploding, and possibly making 1000 rockets out of every such bomb, Palestinians could theoretically launch 900,000 missiles at Israeli, which would decimate all cities. But of course it is all rhetoric to manipulate domestic Jews to continue supporting the government conduct its genocide.

ICJ ruling against Israel

The International Court of Justice has ruled that it is plausible that Israel is committing genocide against Palestinians, and has stated some interim obligations on them.

Unfortunately, many mainstream news sites are stating that the ruling will not satisfy both sides. That is a gross misstatement of how the ruling will affect the parties. Basically, Israel got none of what it argued for, while South Africa got almost all of what it argued for. Israel was arguing to have the case dropped and that they were not committing genocide, and the ruling enables the case to proceed because it was plausible that they were. This is a huge reputational loss for Israel, and is likely to prompt many governments to rethink how much support they give to them.

Israel's arguments were very weak as they argued the Holocaust and that Hammas started it. There is no provision for justification of genocide, regardless of what others have done, now or in the past. There is no excuse. All statements coming out of Israel state that they will continue, and that was to be expected. However, countries that have been supplying arms to Israel or not trying to prevent genocide may themselves be open to other ICJ proceedings that will cite them as aiding genocide. That may prompt many to stop parroting Israeli talking points or even trying to influence them to stop.

Zionism and Israel have been operating to eliminate Palestinians for 100 years, and this is the first time they have been the subject of an adverse ruling of such seriousness. Unfortunately, for most Israeli citizens and many supporters, this ruling will fall on deaf ears, such is the torrid animosity towards Palestinians. What the ruling may stimulate is actual actions against Israel that were used against South Africa to end their apartheid. It may even get many laws prohibiting such actions repealed. Then some real actions can be taken that we know can lead to the collapse of such regimes.


Israel goaded Iran by attacking their consulate in Damasus, Syria, so why is a reprisal unexpected.

While the 300 drones and missiles Iran fired at Israel may seem a lot, they probably expected that the great majority would be shot down by Israel's Iron Dome defense system. It was proportionate considering the deadly attack Israel carried out, but it did serve to warn Israel as Iran probably has many times as many in reserve. That would overload Israel's defense if they launched many more in future, and would kill a lot of people and damage infrastructure, though far less than what Israel has done to Gaza.

Iran made a definitive statement to Irael that would have made no difference if there had been fewer weapons used. Israel would do well to refrain from making any hot-headed response. Iran is not Hamas nor Hezbollah as they have a lot more to deploy. Israel is stretched dealing with Gaza, and is only able to keep up with help from its supporting psychopathic Western governments, many of which are having problems keeping up a supply to Ukraine. Israel is playing a very dangerous game that will only end in their destruction if they pursue it.

Jews, speak up

For decades, Muslims have had to speak up and state that they deplore what some few have done in the name of Islam. Now Jews have to do the same.

Jews have had a very unfair deal over the centuries, being persecuted and demonised, but Israel was the promise of liberation from that ordeal, especially after the Holocaust. The West has largely moved on to scapegoat Islam as the threat, so whenever some lunatic does some whack-job action supposedly in the name of Islam, Muslims who have never had anything to do with such actions are called upon to explicitly condemn those actions.

While most of those actions have been done by fringe elements, now the genocide we are seeing is being done by the supposed Jewish saviour land while claiming that any criticism of it is anti-Semitism, even if those critics are Jewish. However, it is by their genocidal actions that Israel is forcing Jews to state where they stand, and many are standing up and being counted among Israel and Zionism's opponents. The real oddity here is that all those who criticise Islam are supporting Israel in doing far worse than what any of those fringe groups could ever do.

Being Jewish and standing against Zionism, like for many non-Jews, is likely to bring a lot of condemnation from others, perhaps even losing their jobs, such is the hold pro-Israeli propaganda organisations have over politicians and media. For those with family who support Zionism at any cost, choosing to cross their wishes can be very difficult. But in the end, conscience should win, and deciding whether Israel is allowed to commit genocide is a matter of conscience at the most profound level.

Supporting genocide of Palestinians is basically saying that persecution of Jews is valid, because the basis of both is fabricated nonsense aimed at denying a group a right to exist, and which has mostly been used by groups who covet their land and possessions but whip up hysteria in others to do their dirty work. We are now seeing how this process works in intricate detail as the culprits are out in the open admitting it.

For Jews who oppose Zioinism and Israel as a genocidal apartheid state, let your voices be heard. However, while we can speak up for what we believe, it is not really about us because we are not being murdered en masse like Palestinians are. For Palestinians to be seen, it is their voices that really have to be heard, because doing so denies the validity of the propaganda that tries to make out that they are not worthy of a voice, or life.

Protected like Jimmy Saville

The fervour from world leaders to protect Israel from any criticism is like that of the BBC protecting Jimmy Saville.

Jimmy Saville was an absolutely discusting human being who preyed upon children and even the dead, but they were so popular that the BBC censured anybody who criticised them. They became untouchable but it all came out after they died. The Catholic Church and other institutions did their utmost to protect their reputations by shuffling around their paedophiles, but that was not at the level of protection that Jimy Saville was afforded.

Western governments seemed to have backed themselves into a corner over their support for Israel. Zionism was always a settler-colonial project to overtake the whole of Palestine for Ashkenazi Jews. It was always intended as an apartheid state that would eventually have to genocide its non-Jews if they couldn't expel them by other means. The only type of people who can run such regimes with any chance of success are psychopaths. Those governments supporting it have turned a blind eye to this basic problem with Israel because many are run by the same sort of people.

We are perrenially plagued by paedophiles because they are protected by enablers who shield them, but none so blatently as Jimmy Saville. Psychopaths are to society as paedophiles are to children, pretending to be our friend while they destroy our agency. In this way, Israel is the Jimmy Saville of the world, protected by those who profit from them, even if they are the most discusting person or nation. It is time we stopped supporting such people and rogue nations, because we prostitute ourselves if we don't. They rob us of opportunities to see what type of societies we can have.

The world cannot afford to wait while Israel and other nations get away with genocide. Those who support them have lost their moral compass so much that they are blind to the suffering in their own countries as they work to reduce support for their citizens. We are one world, and allowing the genocide of others in front of our eyes shows us what is in store for us if we don't force them out of the way. These people are as addicted to abuse as paedophiles, and must be as isolated from being able to influence society as paedophiles must be isolated from children. Now is the time to act!


Support Palestinians, including Jews,
but work to overthrow the racist genocidal state apparatus in Israel.

Get real – impose sanctions

South Africa gave up apartheid because their business community couldn't survive with the levels of sanctions imposed on the country. Israel's turn now.

The world basically told South Africa that it didn't have a right to exist as it was while it was still an apartheid state. By that same logic, Israel doesn't have a right to exist as an apartheid state, especially while it conducts its ongoing genocide that started before its foundation. There is no need to get into some perverted logic claiming Israel has a right to exist as it is, and expect anything to change in how it deals with its Palestinians. They don't want to, and seemingly with very popular support from their Jewish citizens.

Instead of throwing money at Israel and only mildly condemning for their atrocities, considerable sanctions have to be imposed so that their businesses are really affected enough to push the government to let go of their psychopathic obsession with murdering Palestinians. We know that will work because when governments around the world really turn the screws, the affected government will have difficulty continuing. Boycotting, divestment and sanctions (BDS) will turn the internal tide in Israel.

Israelis have been fed false ideas about Palestinians being inferior and vermin, while the government has tried to minimise what citizens actually see of Palestinians. Even now, Israelis are seeing nothing of the real destruction of what is going on in Gaza or the territories, but just how gloriously the IDF is doing their job. Their media is committed to promoting the apartheid as the only course of action that protects Jewish citizens.

There is no possible two-state solution as settlers have been gobbling up Palestinians' houses and land in the West Bank. Leaving it up to Israel to voluntarily give up land without substantial pressure has failed abysmally in the past. They are ignoring the requirements imposed on them by the ICJ ruling, so they are not going to waver from their genocide unless some real and palpable pressure is placed upon them.

South Africa is not perfect, but its majority black population is no longer legally oppressed. There are about as many Palestinians as there are Jews in Israel, so the adjustment should be better for the Jews than the radical changes to their status that the white minority in South Africa experienced. There would be a lot of work to make reparations to the Palestinians for the loss of their lands and houses, and that would require providing a lot more housing for them, while ensuring there is no redlining going on to preclude them from high status areas.

Up until the occupation, Palestine had been a fairly stable and tolerant society for many peoples. It can be again, but it would need a lot of confronting of the past and healing for all to learn to trust each other. Palestinians will probably be able to handle that a lot better than the Jews, as despite their decades of being oppressed, they still seem to be welcoming. The Jewish citizens have been generally unwilling to acknowledge what their government through the IDF has been doing to maintain the delusions of their own superiority.

For white South Africans, the apartheid was obvious, just because they were a minority and while many blacks were herded to remote lands, the slums in the cities where most of them lived made it obvious that their white privilege came at a substantial cost to the blacks. Israel has been doing a lot worse to the Palestinians, and pretending that it was justified. That is hard to face, and so there will be a lot of resistance to changing the society that gives them that privilege.

It was businesses in South Africa that buckled under the pressure of sanctions, eventually forcing the government to rethink its whole modus operandi. Israel has a thriving technological export economy, which would be very hard hit by sanctions, so the latter might produce faster results than for South Africa, but we won't find out unless they are applied soon and in large force. The genocide is ongoing, and we don't want to see that keep continuing while we keep finding reasons to delay sanctions.

Unfortunately, Western nations have been hypocritically legislating against any efforts by their citizens to advocate for sanctions against Israel, largely fed by propaganda from the many Israel-backed pressure groups that seem to have an inordinate level of access to politicians who mostly seem to think that having a psychopathic genocidal apartheid state in the Middle East is good for their countries. But then, most of them haven't really come to terms with their own countries' genocidal pasts.

As Yanis Varoufakis said … allowing Israel to get away with war crimes is not going to ameliorate the legacy of Germany's crimes against the Jewish people. Germany's support of Israeli is Fascism by proxy and indicates that it is not willing to truly give up its Nazi past. They, along with all the other countries still supplying weapons to Israel are complicit in the ongoing genocide.

Sanctions are meant to create hardship for the country that they are applied to, but in the face of genocide, they are far less destructive than a full-on war against that country. But we have to be prepared for the possibility that Israel might need to be brought to that point if it keeps resisting turning itself into a more humane society, even if that whole scenario seems like an oxymoron.

Germany had to be brought to heel, but it had obvious expansionist goals that made those countries around it have to defend themselves. We don't see Israel have such grandiose ambitions, except for getting some buffer space around itself, but that does not mean that we should be reticent about being firm with them. We have a range of options, but asking them with a stern face or paper-tiger UN resolutions is not working, so we must escalate the pressure on them to change. The genocide is obvious, and Israel wants it to continue to fulfil its Jewish ethno-state ambitions. Time to act!

This is a watershed moment where we find out if we really want true peace. The suffering of the Palestinians is showing us who the psychopaths are, and not just in Israel. The many countries supporting Israel have many psychopaths in the upper echelons of their governments and societies. They are revealing themselves now, and we must act to remove them from influence. The first step is to stop those in Israel, just because of the ongoing genocide, but the political will we generate through doing that will enable us to deal with those in our own countries, now that we know who they are.

Let's be clear about the goal here. Israel as a state must not exist at all, just like apartheid South Africa. That does not mean the eradication of Jews, but there must be no laws that favour them specifically, nor any that discriminate against non-Jews. In a fair world, no apartheid state has a right to exist. Thus, anyone who supports apartheid states does not support a fair world, and the same with us if we support them. Israel is showing that an apartheid state cannot be trusted, and neither should anyone who supports them.

Israel is targeting civilians in their homes, while they are queuing for aid, and in supposed safe zones specified by Israel, as enumerated by GDF in Human Shields Debunked. Israel is a mass-murdering state apparatus that must be eradicated, otherwise they will continue to obliterate the whole Palestinian population, all with 90% approval of Israeli Jews. This must stop, and any politicians who continue to support Israel in any way must be thrown out of office and charged with supporting genocide. We know who the psychopaths are, and they must be stopped, as soon as possible.

Supporting a ceasefire just so Gaza remains a prison is still supporting genocide. Using Hamas as any sort of justification for not having a ceasefire is still supporting genocide, just because they are a natural consequence of an apartheid state. Time to stop using fake excuses. Eliminate the apartheid apparatus and Hamas as it is will become irrelevant. Full equality is the only goal, just like it should be in every country, and indeed the world.

Why unseen?

If the whole Israel endeavour was the wholesale and hostile takeover of Palestine from the beginning, why did it take until one day in October 2023 to highlight how bad it is.

For many, especially Jews, the whole Zionist project was always a racist plot to takeover some land that people already inhabited. The early Zionists were canny in enlisting settler-colonial experts in the British, and later the US, for how to takeover such lands. Then came the Holocaust that provided them with a bargaining chip to persuade Western governments to help them create Israel. If that sounds rather cynical and callous, the Zionists were exactly that, and even more so now.

The British had burned their bridges with the Arab nations because of their betrayal of their promises to help them gain independence after WWI, so Britain, and the US after WWII, saw a chance for a Western bridgehead in the midst of the Arab world. More cynical and callous manoeuvring, leading to them providing full backing to Israel. They always knew what the Zionist were going to do, but were willing to forego any criticism of Israel in return for the benefits to their hegemony in the region.

Meanwhile, many European colonial powers were losing control of their African colonies, so were willing to also provide cover for Israel to still have influence in the region, especially with the opportunities to gain access to oil in the Middle East. With all these Western governments supporting Israel and feeding propaganda and misinformation about what Israel was doing to their own populations for generations, it is no wonder that we in the West were largely ignorant of the genocide going on under the watchful eyes of such complicit Western governments.

Even while visiting Israel, tourists have been oblivious to what has been done to the Palestinians and how restrictive the conditions are for them. The impression given is of a typical cosmopolitan Western nation, as shown by the street signs in Hebrew, English and Arabic, and seemingly a land of opportunity that had tamed the dessert to be a shining example of a hard-working peoples who took their lives into their own hands. Living the American dream more than the Americans!

Of course, all this veneer of civilisation was are the expense of the loss of land and freedom of the Palestinians. The kibbutzim seemed like idyllic outposts of community spirit that hid that they are the result of the appropriation and destruction of the Palestinian homes that existed there beforehand. We did not ever get to see what that process actually involved, such is the blanket smothering of Western media of any of the on-the-ground truth of what Israel has actually been doing.

All this news blackout was due to Israeli-backed political action groups insinuating themselves into all levels of Western governments to steer the narrative away from the truth. All we got to hear was that Israeli-Arab relations were finally thawing and peace in the Middle East was becoming a reality. Then happened and the veil was lifted on the reality of what Israel had been doing to maintain their power all along. We now see that the Western nations have been willing to excuse Israel of all abuses, and now we know why.

The price has been thousands of Palestinian lives, yet the Western governments have still been willing to justify Israel, despite what we can plainly see. We have all been in a delusion that somehow our governments were still basically filled with good people trying their best. The reality is that our governments have been overwhelmingly willing to back psychopaths, and now with our open eyes we can see that our governments have always had such psychopaths willing to throw powerless peoples under the bus to fulfil their delusional dreams of power and domination.

We can now see the reason why our societies have been getting worse, with greater wealth inequality and decreasing support for the wellbeing of their citizens. In recent years, we have seen how those with intent to dismantle our democracies are becoming more brazen about their intentions. Israel has been getting support from such anti-democratic forces because they are after the same outcomes: the complete domination of their societies to fulfil their psychopathic ambitions, and proud of it! We now see why there is such widespread suffering and exploitation.

Israel is the current template for those who want power at any cost, and are willing to turn their populations into willing participants in their destructive obliteration of any who stand in their way. This is why we are now seeing how they operate, so we know who they are and what we need to do to stop them. This is the true battle for humanity.

Not in the past

Unlike countries like the US that are the result of past settler-colonial projects that decimated their indigenous populations, Israel is decimating half its population now!

While countries like the US, Australia, Canada and New Zealand are making token reparations for their past actions massacring their indigenous populations and taking their lands, their efforts are nowhere near to sharing what they gained from doing that. No one is expecting any of these nations to give back what is owed, especially since those peoples are a small minority of their current populations.

The lands that Israel controls still has a population that is 50% Palestinian, so this genocide is not a 100 year old past event, but is ongoing now. This is why it must be stopped, because we know that the outcome will be what has happened everywhere settler-colonial genocide has been allowed to run to completion. Israel is a current terrorist state that is suppressing and killing half its population with the intent of eradicating it.

If Israel is supposedly justified in continuing its genocide as an act of protecting itself, then the Palestinians are equality, if not more so, justified in eradicating all those in Israel that support that genocide, just because they are the sole victims here. This is the true moral equivalence of the current situation. Pretending that the one side with all the power has moral superiority here is absolutely hypocritical. The only moral outcome of letting the current situation continue is the total destruction of the state of Israel.

If Israel is to be a land where Jews can live in peace, they will have to share it equitably with Palestinians, with the same freedoms for all. The state of Israel is not a fait accompli, but an active terrorist state that is currently trying to murder half its population. This is not a regrettable situation resulting from past inhumanities, but active now with the support of the majority of Western nations. The West is reaping a whirlwind of hate that will plague it for decades by continuing its support for the genocide.

The only real solution is to dismantle the current government apparatus of Israel and replace it with one that serves all citizens in a common state of Palestine. That acknowledges the current state of balance in the populations of Jews and non-Jews there. However, there also needs to proper reparations to bring Palestinians back to equal footing, including the building of homes, repeal of apartheid laws, equal voting rights, and other efforts to bring parity as soon as possible. There is no room for token reparations here. This requires real equality for a real peace.

Israel currently symbolises all that is wrong with the world, where pandering to psychopaths is rampant, with all the destruction that involves. People so blinded by their sense of entitlement that they will genocide their fellow human beings just so they can have their delusion of a peaceful life. There is no peace in the suffering of others. Acquiescing to the wishes of psychopaths in return for privilege is delusion because they will not rest while others are not suffering, and that means none of us are safe while they are allowed to be in control.

Correcting the perversion that is Israel is the first step in bringing the world to a sanity in which all people are respected and given equal opportunity to find their place in the world. Like all indigenous peoples genocided by settler-colonial projects, Palestinians did nothing wrong except exist in a land that others are willing to do anything to get. This must not be the way we run the world. By letting Israel continue its genocide, we are denying the humanity of the victims. We are giving license for others to genocide us, and thus sowing the seeds of our own destruction.

A fair world

We can't keep calling those who rebel against pervasive state violence terrorists while supporting those states.

It is against a backdrop of selective indignation that Hamas and other groups around the world are labelled terrorists when so-called democratic governments have supported such groups when it suited their own hegemonic plans. It is time to stop this hypocrisy and move to establish a proper definition of terrorism that is not framed in terms of the self-interest of those governments being challenged by them. Of course, we need some world laws with teeth that can stop governments terrorising their own people.

States based upon supposed racial supremacy are apartheid, and should be forced to actually stop such persecution of those they consider inferior. Israel bombing Gaza is showing us that those who call themselves oppressed and persecuted can be the ones doing that instead. As a world, we need to be fair to all peoples, and not be selective just because some powerful governments deem it is better for their own interests. Until that stops, the cycle of violence will continue, and there will be no chance of real peace anywhere in the world.

We need to act upon fair principles, not self-interest, as then we can act with fairness and compassion, and have a world that lives those principles.

Rogue state

Israel is a rogue state that pretends to be a democracy, and is dangerous to any others.

Most democracies are largely a front to give the impression of equality, but are mostly serving the selfish wealthy who do not care about their citizens or their wellbeing. Corporations and foreign governments have always sought to advantage their own interests by bribing politicians to allow them greater influence over the internal running of their countries.

A common means for corporations to advantage themselves is to supply so-called experts to write laws and regulations that allowed them to go about their business unfettered. Most governments have spies that bribe or blackmail politicians and administration officials to gain advantage. Israel has used its status as an outpost of Western influence in the Middle East to infiltrate governments to allow its genocidal of Palestinians to continue, while sabotaging the few threads of democracy left in many countries.

Allowing Israel to continue its genocide and undue influence over other governments to prevent their interference in that goal makes them a danger to the world. While countries like North Korea, Iran, Russia and China try to sabotage democracies while being actively resisted, Israel has been invited into the centres of democracies only to actively sabotage their capacity to protect their own people.

We see their efforts to have politicians protect them from criticism while increasing the militarisation of police in those countries so they attack their own citizens. Israel is the enemy of our democracies and should be stopped. It is the anathema to peace because all its efforts are geared to destruction of those who stand in the way of its psychopathic apartheid government. As a state, it must be dismantled if we are to ever have peace. They do not even stand for the their professed preservation of Jews because they persecute them anytime they criticise Zionism or Israel.

By supporting Israel and allowing their excessive influence over our governments, we are sabotaging ourselves and humanity. By all means, work to make self-determination through democracy and humanity-centred actions universal, but Israel is not our friend in that endeavour, and more akin to Iran, North Korea, Russia and China in its efforts to sabotage us. We must recognise who is not to be trusted by their actions and not their propaganda. Israel's level of lies and disinformation, and their ongoing genocide of Palestinians, should demonstrate that they are working against humanity.

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