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4. Karma and dharma

Whatever we do has consequences, but how are those consequences shaped?

Karma is well known as being about what we do and its consequences, often seen as an eye for an eye where the result of our actions is those actions occurring to us, sort of like a spiritual version of the equal and opposite reactions of Newton's third law of motion. However, that implies that results should be immediate, which we know does not happen. Some seem to get away with heinous acts and suffer no consequences, or only after a long time. When people do seem to get quick retribution, we call it instant karma, which acknowledges that karma is not normally so swift. This concept of karma as punishment is why karma is seen as the law of justice, but there is more to it.

All this begs the question of how our actions are measured as to what the consequences should be. This is where dharma comes in, but to explain that, we need to take a step up out of the world of our personalities and into the world of our souls.

Souls are learning to be centres of creative will as they seek to serve the greater plan. To do this, they manifest a reflection of themselves on the lower levels, which reach down into the physical on earth. We call these reflections personalities. Early in this process of creating personalities, they are not very attuned to the purpose for which they are created, which is to serve the soul, and thus the higher plan, in those levels. However, they also reveal the competence level achieved by the soul in the skill of building responsive personalities.

The feedback mechanism for determining the effectiveness of the personalities built is the free will given to them to choose what they want to do. As souls get better at building personalities, the more those personalities choose to serve the soul. Personalities are not, and cannot be, full expressions of their creating souls, but are built for particular purposes, and that is what is called dharma. It is a sort of bucket list, because free will means that some of purposes may not be acted upon, but most will. Later personalities will be able to fulfil more of what was intended.

The more the personalities choose their souls, the less the actions will deviate from the dharma and the less the souls needs to change in how they go about building those aspects into personalities. It is thus the deviation from dharma that determines the consequences of actions a personality takes, which is why karma does not have a direct 1-to-1 correlation to the actions, but is the circumstances that will best suit the personalities to learn from their actions, and thus make better choices going forward. Learning is an interactive process developed on-the-fly, and not a scoreboard.

The process is further complicated by the need to cover more breadth and depth. There is a lot for a soul to learn about building personalities and those take time to develop the depth required to build resilient personalities. Several personalities will be working on some aspects over time, with the first ones seemingly doing everything to move the furthest away from their souls they can get. This sets up the rapid rise back to the soul as the later personalities learn by understanding what they have done, undoing the thinking and beliefs that got them so far away, and making better choices.

Behind all this is a push to evolve and improve in service to the greater plan. As a soul learns to build better personalities, more is expected of it, and so more will be expected of the personalities it builds. Their bucket lists will be more ambitious. However, that does not mean they will be more active in worldly life. The personalities of the more developed souls may not appear to be doing much by normal peoples' standards, but they are an important channel of connection into the aggregate human consciousness and that requires a lot of inner focus on fostering that connection.

There are many aspects to be covered in a soul's learning, and they all have to work towards building better personalities. Each personality will be working on several threads of learning, each at different stages. In our personality lives, we don't work on the same things every day, but over time we get them done. It is the same with the soul, but a personality is like a day to the soul, which is why the process of mastering the building of personalities takes a very, very long time.

Of course, there are lots of souls and personalities. Souls form groups to focus upon particular activities of the plan, and so will build personalities that favour the aspects required for that. The personalities of each group will be working with each other and we know them as soul mates. This allows some simplification so the karmic circumstances set up can facilitate learning for the whole group of personalities. This is group karma. Soul groups cooperate with other souls groups, leading to further common karmic circumstances across several personality groups, such as national karma.

Through these ever widening rings of cooperation, civilisations unfold and evolve, and we all take part in building a more connected world, at all levels. This has all also been a part of the learning of the planetary being which has its own path of development. That path now takes it to the threshold of another level, and which it cannot take until those soul groups that are not ready to take that step with it have taken up residence on other planets. This has presented the situation where many soul groups need to separate out and become ready for their departure.

The preparation for that departure involves building personalities that are more suited to where they are going, but must be trained and developed here on earth. This is why there are so many that seem to be believing in things that are not connected to the reality of this planet and the thinking that needs to be present to stay here. This makes it seem like we have two populations on this planet with two views of reality, but we are seeing more readily which of the two are those that are leaving.

While this process is going on, many in the leaving group are trying to maintain their grip on earth by trying to strengthen their control over others, manipulating the levers of governments to keep them in power. In this they are co-opting a lot of their group through propaganda and conspiracy theories to resist the thinking and belief patterns that are required to allow this planet to evolve, because they want to keep the same exploitative patterns and not have to change.

But the changes must happen, and so while seeming to be directing those co-opted to resist leaving, spurred on by Donald Trump and other pied pipers of delusion, they may be setting them up to be more likely to leave earlier. We are still in the middle of a pandemic, and we have seen that those co-opted are more likely to succumb to viruses, which is the way a planet can be cleared of about 40% of its population without totally wrecking it. This and other hopefully non-destructive measures will allow the transition to a more harmonious humanity and a healthier planet.

The timeframe is flexible as the process of change for the leaving is about how much preparation their souls need to be ready. Those staying have to deal with the fallout and challenges of the impending separation and the resistance to it, but that is also helping them to be clearer about why they need to stay and what civilisation needs to look like on a post-partum earth.

The dharma for the two groups are different, so the karma is different, but both need to develop in parallel for the time being. Within that, each personality is still charged with trying to know their dharma and so create more favourable karma which defines the circumstances of their future.

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