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People-centred politics

Many get caught up in politics as left or right wing, but these are misleading as we can make our societies about the people in them, us.

Many, especially those who identify as centrist or right wing, frame focusing on people as extreme left wing, and then try to overload that position by saying it leads to socialism or communism. This is misleading, as nothing about centring politics upon people means that requires a strong-arm government. What it does mean is that money, and by extension those who seek to amass as extreme amount of it so they can control societies, should not be the means by which peoples' value is judged.

The whole idea of left or right wing implies that they are extremes and that the obvious better position is to be centrist. However, those that have called themselves centrist have been responsible for poisoning us with their products, destroying and polluting our environment while undermining our ability to do something about it for decades, and undermining our democracies. These are misanthropic psychopaths of the highest order, yet we see them as somehow balanced and sane, just because of a word.

People-centred politics is about seeing people being much more important than any political-economic system or ideology, or the structures that support them. Such systems will not save us if we don't stop them being hijacked by those who seek to do us harm so they can accumulate wealth. It is about shaping our lives and institutions around what maximises the opportunities for everyone, worldwide, to share more equality in the prosperity of our societies. How that works out will need to evolve, rather than be dictated by some overarching theory driven by centralised power structures.

That does not mean having weak governments, but that they support maximising opportunities while preventing abuse of their instruments and institutions. It is about them maximising personal freedoms, except where they interfere with the same rights of others. They need to be there to arbitrate balance, rather than dictate precribed behaviours according to some rigid ideology, be it religious, political or economic. Money can maximise social mobility, but not if it is used to devalue peoples' humanity.

Shifting to focus upon people as individuals sharing a planet will involve a lot of transiting through different intermediate structure models as we learn what is best for the billions who have been exploited and indoctrinated to be subservient to the powerful. There is a lot of undoing of propaganda that must avoid creating more. It will not be an easy path, especially since there are many who need to be persuaded to let go of the control they have been exercising over our political and economic systems, and that is preferably done as soon as possible to prevent their continuing corruption.

When people are free to choose what they want to do with their lives, and are supported as much as possible to do so, we shall see what humanity is really capable of, and so what sort of world we can really have.

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