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PMs for psychopaths

Six former Prime Ministers of Australia expressed unwavering support for Israel. Now we know why they failed us.

John Howard, Kevin Rudd, Julia Gillard, Tony Abbott, Malcolm Turnbull, and Scott Morrison released a joint statement on condemning Hamas while warning Israel to avoid killing civilians. Their concern about civilians is spin to cover their butts because they all knew for how long Israel has been conducting its genocide against Palestinians, and for how long they themselves have ignored it.

While it is obvious why most of the PMs would side with the psychopaths in the Israeli government, if only because they collectively declared war on the less fortunate in Australia to deflect from the help they were giving to their rich donors to exploit the nations resources, Julia Gillard, who we have seen condemn disrespect and prejudice, is one that many would not have expected to express such blatant support for Israel committing genocide.

It seems that too many politicians have huge blind-spots towards the obvious barbarity displayed by certain nations, which makes them untrustworthy when it comes to whether they will throw us under the bus if its a choice between us and some favoured donors or wealthy magnates. Who am I kidding, since most of the PMs have shown that they are ready to spin egalitarian values to get us to back them, but consistently find excuses to ignore alleviating the mass suffering caused by their policies. It should then not be a surprise at all why they support the oppressors over Palestinians.

We are seeing more politicians standing up and showing us who they really are and what they truly support. We must take note, and reject them come election time. It is time to really examine the policies of electoral candidates, and what they have voted for on our behalf. Complacency will not suffice to protect us from those who these politicians are willing to bend over backwards for. There are other candidates we should support, especially since the major parties are thoroughly enmeshed is support those who would rob our societies.

Having a lot of truly independent politicians would inject a lot more varied thinking and discussions into parliaments around the country. Every politician should be able to vote as they see fit as a representative of those who they are responsible to, which is their voters, not their party. We need to support more people running for office who have not spent years towing a party line. We need true believers in humanity, not in vested interests or rigid political, economic or religious ideologies.

Don't be fooled by those claiming to be centrist, as they are complicit with a lot of companies that are killing more people per year than in World War II.

Believing in humanity requires that we see ourselves as citizens of the world, otherwise we open ourselves to being blind to the suffering of those not in our country. Everybody should have the same rights and freedoms, regardless of where they live. To that end, we should bias our thinking and actions so that we can all share the earth, free of discrimination and oppression.

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