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Psychopaths for Jesus

Some modern forms of Christianity seem to have no resemblance to its tenets, but are more a political movement supporting neoliberalism and even the destruction of democracy.

To see what the current evangelical idea of a Christian theocracy would look like, just look to Iran. The current protests in the US have a parallel to those in Iran: opposition to theocratic state control of women. Right-wing groups may moan about Islam and being taken over by Sharia law, but their seemingly ideal state seems to have just as many state-defined restrictions on what people can do and how they are supposed to think, especially when it comes to women. Just because the name of the religion is different does not change the modus operandi: the result is still state-based suppression.

When half of a country's population class themselves as non-religious, a theocracy is dangerous for them as it slates them as second-class citizens or worse, to be imprisoned or eliminated. This can start out as marginalising them as being sinful, but can escalate through blatant discrimination, exclusion from services, disenfranchisement and imprisonment, which are all the actions they accuse secular society of, but now they can claim a god-given right to do so.

In the US, we have seen what was the supposed right to abortion being stuck down by the Supreme Court, with the threat of many other rights being withdrawn because they fall under the same privacy provisions that Row v Wade was decided upon. All this because a bunch of evangelical Christians saw that anti-abortionism was the way they could gain political power in the latter 20th century, even though they were fine with abortions up until then. This was the weaponising of their religion for purely selfish purposes, showing they did not care about the tenets of their religion at all.

Of course, this is not new because religions have often been the means for exercising political power over populations. They were the pretext for most of Europe's wars and the colonial conquest of most of the rest of the world. Religious texts and their distorted interpretations have been cited as the justification for much barbarism in the world. Even though we have significantly dispensed with organised religion as the principal arbiter of societal norms, those committed to its return to power are striking at the foundations of democracy, which is seen as a usurping of divine power.

Religious zealots full of hate do not want the divine ruling societies, but just want power for its own sake. These are really just wannabee dictators being propped up by the psychopaths who are really the ones wanting the opportunities for gaining more power. Trump and Desantis are just a couple of the many populist pied pipers of delusion who will be the expendable face of a new version of Middle Ages theocracy.

In a way, for these people, Israel represents the almost perfect society, in that it is a Western white racist pseudo-religious militarised society that actively suppresses unwanted groups while having largely pliant citizens who have been so thoroughly indoctrinated with state propaganda since birth that they support the government even if it involves genocide.

Facing them are many who project themselves as champions of democracy but who are also working to cement their place of privilege. All of these killers of democracy must be removed from influence of societies, and that can only be done by exposing their avenues of corruption and presenting a realisable vision of what a truly democratic society that respects their citizens is like. Then those that actually believe in it will be able to make it a reality by working towards restructuring societies and their institutions to serve people and not selfish monied interests.

If the so-called laws promulgated by religions were truly laws like the law of gravity, we could not disobey or ignore them, but could only discuss how they affect us. They wouldn't need legislation because they would already govern everything we do. They are guidance at best, and so should not be imposed on a whole society under any pretext of being worthy of universal imposition, particularly given the dubious interpretations of scriptures by those pushing for legal implementations.

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