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Right-wing dishonesty

Right wing means to care more about money than people, so any mention of caring is a pretense for show or manipulation.

In promoting the desires of the monied, anything is fair game for extracting support. To this end, right-wing talking points are to drum up emotional agreement and support, but which ultimately achieve nothing but agitation and anger, with no useful outcomes except distrust in their opponents, or worse, negative outcomes, even for their supporters.

Some common talking points are:

The right-wing idea of freedom really only extends to the wealthy to exploit society as much as possible. Covid-19 mask mandates and lockdowns were about keeping people alive, but to those trying to prevent any effects on the economy, freedom from such preventative measures seemed to be more important than freedom from sickness, to the point that some followers were so in denial that they thought they couldn't possibly have Covid, even when being intubated.
When lucrative exploitative industries are being threatened with legislation to control their excesses, a common line is to complain that jobs are at risk, even though they will readily lay off workers during economic downturns. So much for empathy for their workers.
Fair elections
While supposedly trying to make elections fairer and reduce risk of voter fraud, the introduction of voting restrictions that severely impact non-while minorities are not accompanied by any means to notify those affected nor give them time or help to comply, which is what happens in countries actually interested in strengthening their democracies.
Mental health
Those arguing to stop lockdowns often cited the mental health issues, yet there was scant efforts to actually alleviate the issues, like preparing people for the realities of lockdowns and how to deal with them, or substantially increasing professional care availability. Instead, the messaging was all about how it was imperative to get back to so-called normal, which was about getting people to spend and people to work, even if it substantially increased their susceptibility to catching Covid, which added to their stress.
Your money
When it comes to tax, the typical line is to claim that people are entitled to keep as much money as they can rather than the government, but they do everything they can to stop governments helping anybody else but them, or anybody getting pay rises, to the point of robbing staff of their legitimate pay. Of course, this justifies why they are entitled to not only keep the vast majority of their riches, but to claim as much from their governments as possible.
While professing to be the holders of high moral standards, many seem to have scant regard for the wellbeing of others or honest dealings with governments or exploitative practices in their own businesses.
Law and order
Law and order is a euphemism for protecting their money and property at all costs, even if it targets those they have suppressed and exploited to the point of desperation even more.
Principles are cited when they were forced to stop long-term exploitation and suppression of minorities, but now don't want to have to pay reparations or alleviate the dire economic circumstances caused by it, by claiming that there is no more discrimination, even though they know that prejudices are still actively involved in preventing escape from those circumstances.
Up until the mid-20th century, evangelicals were fine with abortion, until they saw that it could be used to gain political power. The giveaway is that there seems to be absolutely no concern for the life of anyone once they are born, while describing anyone who opposes them as being in league with the devil.
Once used as a term for becoming aware of exploitation, it is now a derogatory term for showing any concern for the suffering or exploitation of people. Empathy is now taboo for the right-wing. Many right-wing commentators are falling over themselves to virtue signal how woke they are to wokeness.
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