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Spiritual values

In looking at having a society based upon spiritual values, we have to know what those values are.

It is hard to know what spiritual values are if we do not know what our spiritual selves are. We spend most of our time thinking that our personalities are the self that we identify with, so while that thinking endures, we are severely limited as to what we think our personalities are capable of.

We are all individuals

We can see ourselves as individuals, but we are more than just that, and once we start to look beyond that small us, we can become more effective.

Thinking restrained by the perception of the self as being a physical body with perhaps some emotions and thinking thrown in limits us to thinking we can only change ourselves and society by our individual effort. Certainly, much personal development propaganda is geared towards reinforcing that notion, paradoxically under the guide of empowering us.

Of course, we can effect change by group effort and that acts as a force multiplier simultaneously upon ourselves and society. We are all changed by that group effort. But to do so, we must free ourselves from the immense propaganda that pushes us to thinking as individuals rather than as groups. For example, we have seen our general earning capacity undermined by a lot of anti-union efforts by corporations and their shareholders.

That anti-union effort was successful because we were sucked into the idea that being selfish is in our best interest because it allows us to freely make individual choices. However, we do share a lot of common concerns, but approaching them individually severely limits how effective we can be, just because our efforts are easily hijacked by those with more ability to manipulate politicians to make sure individual private citizens do not have the legal clout to push through changes.

Pushing beyond seeing ourselves as just an individual is the first step in understanding what our true selves are because our higher selves do not operate purely as individuals, even though our journeys are very much individual.

Higher self

Our higher selves are the part of us that has created and guided our personalities. While not separate to our personalities, our higher selves are largely incapable of being perceived in full by them.

That limitation comes about because our higher selves are learning how to create personalities that can cooperate with them. In order to see how effective at building personalities our higher selves are, our personalities have a certain amount of independence in the form of free will, allowing them to choose their level of cooperation. We have many distractions as personalities, being set up by our higher selves to see how adept we are at seeing through them. However, the learning curve for the higher self spans many personality lives, just because our personalities are slow learners.

In earlier times, learning was largely tracing the development of animals, being limited by the need to feed themselves and thus use the same measures of violence, but began to diverge as people learned to communicate in more sophisticated ways. Settling down into larger groups and the increasing use of agriculture and domestication of animals generally reduced the level of violence required on a daily basis. The increased population sizes brought a need to determine how to manage them, resulting in deferring to elders with the wisdom of experience, but often backed with the threat of violence.

Thus power was seen as being how much violence one could bring to bear when required. That power was not necessarily innate, but more based upon the perceptions and thus the beliefs of those ruled. Of course, perceptions can be manipulated and creating real or imagined fears within the ruled were instrumental in that, as they are today.

However, from the level of our higher selves, power, as a force, can be directly seen in the intensity and light of the higher selves, and so is not subject to conjecture. And the level of cooperation in the world of our higher selves is such that deference is given to those of such obvious power. But that deference is not based on fear, but because at that level, power is wielded for the benefit of all and not by personal whim and self-interest.

For us to have a society based upon spiritual values, we must learn to see, at least some of the time, how that inner world operates, and with that insight bring more of our societal constructs to be managed in the same way. That means taking the time to meditate and contemplate upon the values of our higher selves, as well as what will best facilitate implementing those values in an enduring and equitable way.

It is thus clear that selfishness works against implementing spiritual values, so many of the myriad activities devoted to the cult of selfishness will need to be dismantled, or at least made to be less destructive to ourselves and the planet.

Our true purpose

Our higher selves and their personalities are learning to create at their own level. We need to maximise the time that we have to undertake that learning as that is our true purpose for being here.

Our higher selves are learning to create at the physical level not just by creating personalities, but by observing how those personalities create at their own level. Personalities create tools and art at the physical level, but also organisations such as businesses, trade unions, and charities. While the understanding personalites gain from working in these lower levels helps our higher selves, our personalities also get a glimpse into how our higher selves create.

It is that learning by our personalities that is their real purpose in being on the earth. In the past, we have had to learn despite many trying to limit that process in order to perpetuate their own power and privilege. However, we are coming into a time where the learning can be made a more conscious part of life, rather than as a byproduct of economic survival.

That means that the exploitative economic constructs must be eliminated or restructured to allow much more focus on the important learning each personality needs to undertake. That learning must be seen as a worthwhile goal in itself, rather than as part of some grandiose money-making scheme.

We need to ensure societies allow all of us to get those opportunities to pursue learning. This is where automation can help because it can take over the typically repetitive and boring support processes to be performed without requiring people to be stressed to maintain largely unnatural levels of concentration and diligence. Of course, people do have periods where they do concentrated and sustained effort, but those are typically only for what they are really enthusiastic about, or have fear of the consequences of not doing it. Do we really need to be continuing the latter situations?

Under our current exploitative economic societal models, we are expecting people to be reliably highly productive because of fear of the consequences. In order to have just and fair societies based on spiritual values, that pressure to perform under duress needs to be removed, as true spiritual growth is only obtained by personalities using their free will to willingly and enthusiastically be involved in the process of creation according to what they perceive as their priority.

We have willingly cooperated with these exploitative regimes largely because we have been persuaded to believe that they are for our benefit, even though we are typically not allowed to gain the promised benefits as that would disrupt the exploitation. We are shown a few examples of those who have managed to succeed, but those systems would collapse if that were the norm.

It will take time for us to understand how we can transform our societies, but the first step is to stop using money as the primary motivation. In the world of our higher selves, money doesn't exist because there is no need to tokenise our worth. At that level our worth is visible and seen as an intrinsic part of our existence. So-called race and other superficial distinctions are only seen as facilitation paths for particular learnings while on earth, and not as a means of judgement on peoples' worth. Such distinctions play no part in whether a person is fit for spiritual advancement.

Note that spiritual advancement is not a competition, as every advance of an individual higher self makes the path easier for all the others. That is, advancement of higher selves is of mutual benefit. To fulfil the destiny of humanity, that process has to manifest down to the physical level, so that each person's individual advancement benefits others, rather than limiting them.

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