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5. The Avatar of Synthesis

There are many changes happening in the world today, with much due to humanity having to prepare for the earth stepping up its consciousness. The Avatar of Synthesis is here to facilitate that.

Every centre of consciousness within the hierarchy of consciousnesses that form the entire universe periodically, as a result of a deliberate influx of higher energies, has an significant expansion of consciousness. Those influx points are known as initiations, as they begin a period of increasing awareness and influence of higher realms along with a greatly expanded perception of the interactions governing the world of experiences in which they exist. Thus, initiations are an expansion of consciousness vertically into higher worlds, and horizontally into what we can interact with.

While we as human beings have been undergoing initiations of our souls leading to them building more responsive personalities, the planet is now due to an initiation of its own, and that leads us to the world challenges we have been undergoing in the recent centuries and culminating in a crucial half millennia for the earth and humanity. Initiations are always preceded by periods of upheaval of consciousness as we have to start coming to terms with the expanded conscious we need to adapt to.

Initiations affect our whole being and thus all our interactions must be tested for how much change we can tolerate. While the personalities in incarnation may or may not be explicitly aware of an initiation their soul will undergo or has undergone, their future will likely dramatically change, and future incarnations will begin to reflect the changes in soul consciousness in how they are built and what karma and dharma they will deal with.

As humanity exists within the consciousness of the earth, we are being dramatically affected by the changes that the earth is going through in its preparations. While we are certainly not on the level of consciousness of the earth, we have to be able to adapt with its changes, which is why people have been having to make a lot of decisions about whether they want to stay on the planet. Of course, it is souls that decide, but all personalities are living out the decision process of their souls. This is called Judgement day and it is us judging ourselves as to whether we can adapt.

For the earth to adapt, it has to get used to being able to receive the higher energies that come with its initiation. Along with that, there has to be beings who can become the focus of those higher energies during the initiation process. The being who will be the primary focal point during the initiation is called the Avatar of Synthesis, who has been mentioned in recent decades in theosophical texts. Their assistants will be the Christ, whom we know as Maitreya, and the Buddha of the Earth, whom we know as Gautama and Jesus, though they have both been undergoing advancement as well.

However, no being can participate in such an intimate event in the life of another being unless it has lived as part of it, and the Avatar of Synthesis has been here for almost half a million years, incarnating as lesser consciousnesses as part of its learning to understand the earth. It has been periodically visiting the earth since it was created to observe its development, but in the time approaching this coming initiation, a deeper understanding and commitment was required, much like a soul becomes much more involved with a fetus later in its development after being an observer earlier on.

We will increasingly feel the effects of the presence of the Avatar of Synthesis as rapid resolution of dysfunctional political, economic and social systems lead to the ridding of destructive elements within them, though the short term will see very overt attempts by those elements to retain their power. We are in for a bumpy ride, while still sharing the planet with the many people who will be leaving for planets where they will feel more at home. It already seems like humanity has a split personality, with almost half in a delusional world separate from the reality of this planet.

Our part is to be open to changes that allow us all to use our free will to cooperate with our souls in supporting the Avatar of Synthesis in their work to transform the planet. We are here by grace of the planet, and so it is our duty to help it in its evolution of consciousness as it has supported our souls in theirs. While we cannot change the choice of many to leave, we must prevent them destroying the earth. That means that we need to focus upon strengthening our systems so that they allow us to have the most freedom to create in ways that do not abuse the earth or each other.

The next half century will be a time of many changes, though the next 100 years will see us having to make dramatic changes to how we govern ourselves and properly respect the planet and its other inhabitants. We have been living in societies that have been exploitative of ourselves and everything else as if we owned them. That exploitative consciousness is incompatible with the post-initiation consciousness of the planet, so we have a lot to let go of.

Anybody reading this will likely have been one that has chosen to stay, and that means that acceptance of what needs to happen personally and collectively has already been chosen, even if we don't know what that fully entails. We have embarked upon our path to liberation for the planet and all that live on it. It is time to let our love extend to all on the planet so that we heal the false divisions we have created. Our ideas of politics, religion, economics and social structures will need to be freed of selfishness, as that is also not compatible with the incoming consciousness.

That does not mean we will lose our individuality, as that is required for our individual evolutions of our consciousness, but we must make a significant reduction in how much we expect to consume resources to feed our selfishness. There will eventually be less people on the earth, but opportunities will need to be universal. That does not mean central control of our societies, but a more rational arrangement of how we distribute resources so that all can access what they need to expand their own consciousnesses without unnecessary and discriminatory restrictions.

The Avatar of Synthesis is one of many beings involved in the evolution of us and the planet. We have known some of them by their incarnations, but in the world of our souls, we are all cooperating. The incoming consciousness requires that we bring that inner cooperation down to the level of our personalities as we begin to sense more of what our souls want, which is another consequence of the new consciousness. Initiation affects everything, even if our personality consciousnesses are not aware of all those effects, but we will, eventually!

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