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The power of pivoting

Picking a focus is empowering

We procrastinate when we can't find a way to get our heads around a problem, but many times it pays just to pick a focus and let it open doors for us.

Pivoting is about using one aspect of a situation presented to us to, and focusing upon what can be done by using it to help us. Many games, like Sudoku, require us to find a pattern in some part of the layout and use that to discover what is missing. There can be rules we can use to start that process, but over time we will be able to directly see the patterns that those rules direct us to. As we gain more experience, we can often quickly complete the puzzle by rapidly completing the partial patterns.

Procrastination comes from not seeing the patterns in what is before us. That can be because we don't have experience, and that is where we can enlist help from those more experienced, either in person or in what they have written. Other times, it can be about fears we have about being able to do what is required of us, even if we have done it before. That is performance anxiety, and that can often be handled by just throwing ourselves into it and letting our muscle memory takeover so we can complete the task.

Often it can be that we have taken on something for which we are not really suited, perhaps because someone is expecting us to, and we don't want to let them down, even if it freaks us out. This can be a time when we need to face the reality of what we are really capable of, and choose to walk away from it, rather than keep pretending for the sake of acceptance. It can be hard to do this, but continuing may just result in a worse outcome, with worse resentment from those who had the expectations.

Sometimes, it can be that while a situation should be something that should be a walk in the park for us, it suddenly seems overwhelming. Many experienced concert musicians have become too stressed to publicly perform any more. These times can be a hint that we need to make changes in the direction of our lives and be open to new opportunities. It is not always good for us to be doing the same things ad nauseum, despite how good we are at them. Life is about learning, and it sometimes pushes us off-balance within to make us open to change.

We use pivoting to take advantage of such new situations to come to terms with the new demands of us. It may mean that we can use some approaches from our past, but translated to the new medium or circumstances. Other times, it may mean we have to come up with a really novel way of thinking to break into the new patterns that will allow us to adapt and thrive. We will be challenged, but it will be different to the dread we may have had if we had continued in the old ways.

Those with extrovert tendencies will likely throw themselves into the challenge, while introverts will take a longer mental path. It is up to us how we deal with it, and whether we take on others' expectations of how quickly we should progress. It is our life to choose, and we must make the choice of our own free will, both in how much we take on, and how quickly we do it. That is our duty to ourselves.

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