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Patanjali Sokaris

Pondering the universe

Thought exercise

Everyone lives their lives with a set of beliefs that largely governs how they look at the world and defines the types of thinking and actions that they are willing to engage. However, sometimes you need to think about possibilities outside those, and treating those as a thought exercise is a way of doing that, without having to give up any of your beliefs, just yet.

People and organisations are often trying to pursuade us to believe what they believe, or at least, want us to believe. However, we are not always ready to take on another's beliefs, regardless of how enthusiatically they espouse them.

We need time to mull the concepts presented over in our minds, and see what they might mean as far as our own beliefs are concerned, before we consider making changes to our beliefs to accommodate another's.

Or, sometimes we just need to temporarily put aside our own beliefs, so we can get some new input that we might normally block out if we were only considering it for possible inclusion in our mainstream beliefs.

Now, this is not unlike the 'suspension of disbelief' we accept when watching movies, or reading books, and without which we would not enjoy the 'alternate reality' being presented to us. Similarly, we need to give space in our set beliefs for alternative ways of looking at things being laid out before us, without unduely second-guessing avery aspect of them as they unfold.

With this space, we may learn enough to pique our interest to pursue it further, or have enough information to decide that it is not something we should be considering.

Either way, we have done our due diligence to ourselves, and given ourselves permission to explore posibilities beyond our thinking norms.

A thought exercise is just that, time given to opening our minds to an alternative way of looking at things, free of our own prejudices or biases. It is a time of contemplation, of seeing possibilities arise and subside, as we work our way through the implications of the ideas.

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