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Forgiveness is a state of mind or attitude that is not ruled by what we or others have done that has created problems for us. We have let go of it!
Scientology – the billion-year contract
There are some crackpot things that some who portray themselves as being knowledgeable of the processes of life will put their followers through.
Many people are held up as intellectuals and thought-leaders, but is what they are doing actually promoting clear thinking?
Masking identity
There are many reasons people hide what they identify with so that they are more accepted.
Personality growth is not spiritual growth
There are a plethora of self-help gurus trying to push us to buy into the idea that improving the personality is paramount, and achievable by following some regime religiously. But is that really what our lives are about?
The soul's journey
The soul means different things to different people. This is one view that ties it together with what our personality's purpose is, and the circumstances that we find ourselves in while here.
The power of pivoting
We procrastinate when we can't find a way to get our heads around a problem, but many times it pays just to pick a focus and let it open doors for us.
The scientific methodunknown
Many see science as based upon facts, but the central process by which those facts are determined is based upon a leap of faith.
The god lie
For many who follow a religion, god is but a being to enlist to fulfil delusional selfish aspirations.
The limits of scriptures
Most of us live our lives using beliefs based upon one of a handful of principal scriptures, but do they deserve the high importance we place in them?
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