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Atheism is a religion
We have free will, so we can believe in whatever we choose, including if it cannot be proved.
Many people are held up as intellectuals and thought-leaders, but is what they are doing actually promoting clear thinking?
Science, truth and rationality
We have the capacity for logical thinking, and if it is to be useful to us, it has to be fed by facts, but how do we get those?
Honest about honesty
Many talk about being authentic and showing vulnerability as signs of being honest, but is doing those things really mean we are being honest?
Masking identity
There are many reasons people hide what they identify with so that they are more accepted.
Personal choices
We tend to believe that in relation to the rest of humanity, our personal decisions don't count for much, but is that really true?
Spiritual teachers
When getting seriously interested in spiritual topics, we will come across spiritual teachers. Who are they and what can we realistically expect of them?
We are not not our personalities
There is an often posited stance that our personalities are an impediment to spiritual growth, but that undervalues and undermines the reason why we incarnate.
Karma and dharma
Whatever we do has consequences, but how are those consequences shaped?
Spirituality and society are intertwined
Spirituality is often seen as separate from society, or that too much focus upon societal concerns will detract from spiritual growth.
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