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Meanings for some terms used on this site.

Discrimination ^
In a perceptual sense, the ability to see differences between seemingly similar situations, enabling appropriate responses to each.
God ^
One word for the supreme consciousness out of which all is created. Paradoxically, of itself, it is limitless, but without dimension.
Ideology ^
Formalised set of beliefs that one can use to guide one's actions, but must be wary of overreliance on them if they are at odds with reality, because they may be used to override one's own or another's free will.
Intelligence ^
Ability to perceive at the mental level, especially patterns and dependencies. In excess, can lead to sensory overload, often leading to withdrawal, or excessive control of one's environment, including people.
Intuition ^
Ability to perceive what is most important at the time, especially with little presented information. Often referred to as a 'gut' feeling. May be considered as higher psychism.
Logistics ^
How to efficiently marshal resources to implement a strategy.
Personality ^
The combination of physical, emotional and mental bodies, built by the soul for its creative development.
Psychic ^
Ability to perceive situational information, usually at the emotional level. May help with understanding where a person is coming from, but discrimination and discretion is required to know what to communicate.
Soul ^
The true self, which peceives and cooperates with the divine plan, and which creates to bring that plan into the physical.
Strategy ^
Outline of what to work towards.

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