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Being you

Being you

Making the best of our lives

Many try to bend us to their will by presenting their ideals of what we should be, but we can choose our own way and learn to be all that we can be on our own terms.

We can choose to go along with what others think we should do with our lives, be that parents, teachers, bosses, or politicians. We are bombarded by advertising that promises to make us better looking, smarter, or just becoming the envy of our so-called friends. But is this what we are here for?

While it can seem like resisting all those influences is like swimming upstream, with some understanding of who we really are and what we can change about ourselves, we can unwind the programming that has us swimming in anxiety and fears, and thus have a life that is more about what we need for our wellbeing and what we find worthwhile doing.

This subsite deals with how we look at ourselves and what we can do to change, while the Politics subsite deals with the collective version of that. The Science and technology subsite covers how we look at the universe and how technology affects us.

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