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Politics is about how we govern ourselves, and how we make changes to that.

We are living in challenging times, with what we thought were comfortable times behind us as the democracies we have taken for granted are being undermined by those who would seek to exploit us. The real issue ahead of us is what do we really want our societies to be like, and what are we prepared to do about it. Our peace and the state of the earth depend upon us collectively making better decisions than those that got us here.

So, while I am banging on about politics on this subsite, the Being you subsite deals with how we as individuals can grow and learn. The Science and technology subsite covers how we look at the universe and how technology affects us.

To the people of Palestine

I am sorry you are the ones whose suffering
is revealing those who stand with psychopaths.

May your humanity shine through
despite those who seek to extinguish it in you.
From the river to the sea
build a land where all are free.

While the genocide of Palestinians is in the news, it is not the only one. Until all are free, we are not truly free, because those who suppress and kill will not stop at their current victims unless we stop them. It is folly to think we are so privileged we cannot also become their victims. Violence and suffering is the drug of choice for some, and we cannot ever let them pretend that it is justified. Creating long-term suffering, and then using the violence by the suppressed in escaping from the suffering to justify further suffering is the path of psychopathy, and we must close that path.

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