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Science and technology

Science and technology have progressed exponentially over the last half century, providing us with new opportunities, but also a lot of problems, as usage scales up to be able to affect the planet.

I have been technical writing for over 25 years, and so have seen technology evolve dramatically over that time, though in many ways, it is just more complex versions of the same concepts and usage we have been used to.

Smartphones are still communication devices; self-driving cars are still personal transport; voice-activation is still just a form of remote control; digital audio workstations are still a sort of tape recorder; and crypto-currencies are still a token of value that allows us to buy stuff.

Technology has enabled us to carve up the planet, and helped us peek at other planets, yet we are at risk of destroying the only planet we can survive on, en masse, with the waste from our technology use.

However, while we have invented new ways to poison ourselves, the science and technology we have been using detrimentally also has the potential to release the planet from our stupidity. I will be discussing the technology and attitudes required to manage our world responsibly. The Being you subsite deals with how we look at ourselves and what we can do to change, while the Politics subsite deals with the collective version of that.

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