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Emotions and love
While we often consider love just another emotion, it is more than that, as it is the key to our transforming ourselves beyond just reacting to our circumstances in life.
Clothes are not beliefs
People wear clothes for many reasons, but some are prescribed because they are meant to represent a particular set of beliefs.
Soul mates
Many people look to a soul mate as their one true love, but they are just one of many soul mates that enable us to develop and grow.
The limits of scriptures
Most of us live our lives using beliefs based upon one of a handful of principal scriptures, but do they deserve the high importance we place in them?
So if our personalities are not our true selves, what is identity all about?
The soul's journey
The soul means different things to different people. This is one view that ties it together with what our personality's purpose is, and the circumstances that we find ourselves in while here.
Conversations with the soul
Conversing with one's soul – or any higher being – is not the same as everyday talking, but a transfer of understanding that may appear as words.
Consciousness, free will and a body
There are only three rights we can really claim entitlement to, being that of having a consciousness, free will, and a body that we can use to some extent. All else is opinion!
Spiritual teachers
When getting seriously interested in spiritual topics, we will come across spiritual teachers. Who are they and what can we realistically expect of them?
Bitterness and resentment
Bitterness comes from a continued holding onto the entitlements or prestige we expected we were due, but were thwarted by the actions of others or life circumstances.

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