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Forgiveness is a state of mind or attitude that is not ruled by what we or others have done that has created problems for us. We have let go of it!
The spiritual path
There are many glamours and much disinformation about what walking a spiritual path involves. Time to be more grounded about it.
Comedy, or stand-up misanthropy?
Life can be pretty tough at times, and humour can help to release the tension that builds up from the resulting stress. But do we have to denigrate and marginalise others to feed our humour?
Making changes to our lives
Through our own or another's insights, may have seen some new possibilities for our lives. At times, that is enough to take charge of our lives.
Soul mates
Many people look to a soul mate as their one true love, but they are just one of many soul mates that enable us to develop and grow.
Avoiding time wasters
There are many that make a lot of noise to engage in a lot of discussion, but essentially waste our time.
Spiritual teachers
When getting seriously interested in spiritual topics, we will come across spiritual teachers. Who are they and what can we realistically expect of them?
View from the soul
We are used to looking at our lives and the world from what our personalities want to see. This article presents an exercise that can help us to get in touch with how our soul sees the world.
Garden of love
We can get so caught up in the living of our daily lives that we find it hard to keep up the inner connection.
Personality growth is not spiritual growth
There are a plethora of self-help gurus trying to push us to buy into the idea that improving the personality is paramount, and achievable by following some regime religiously. But is that really what our lives are about?

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