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Israel – stand with psychopaths
Israel was created with the intent of being an apartheid racist genocidal ethno-state. Those that choose to support it are complicit in this goal and are anti-humanitarian.
Is the US a failing democracy?
The only answer is yes!
Gaza is not in a war
Israel has been describing its battle with Hamas as a war. No, it is an asymmetric annihilation of a peoples for its own power.
Five eyes turned blind
The alliance between the five countries comprising the UK and its major former colonies has been on a steady course of weakening their democracies.
Right-wing dishonesty
Right wing means to care more about money than people, so any mention of caring is a pretense for show or manipulation.
Political suppression and real freedom
Much of the world is not really free to choose what sort of society they want, despite experimentation with radically different politico-economic systems.
The true fourth estate
The press has been known as the fourth estate, supposedly charged with holding truth to power, but which we now know is a delusion. However, there is a true fourth estate and that is fact-checkers.
Neoliberalism serves psychopaths
For the last few decades, the idea of government as protectors of their citizens has been shifted to protecting those who don't care about those citizens.
YouTube – a creative wasteland
YouTube is very popular, but it seems to be filled with much dubious content.
People-centred politics
Many get caught up in politics as left or right wing, but these are misleading as we can make our societies about the people in them, us.
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