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Right-wing and centrist are misanthropy
In a modern democracy supposedly geared towards benefitting its citizens, why do so-called right-wing parties still exist, or even centrist ones?
The light of life
There are many things in the world that can be seen as a pall of darkness over the earth and humanity, but are they?
Spiritual values
In looking at having a society based upon spiritual values, we have to know what those values are.
The real fanatics
We see fanatics as some crazed people who will do whatever it takes to further their cause, yet we have placed the worst of them at the centre of our societies.
Political suppression and real freedom
Much of the world is not really free to choose what sort of society they want, despite experimentation with radically different politico-economic systems.
The trouble with socialism
Socialism is becoming more appealing to some as the excesses and instability caused by capitalism is contributing to increasing levels of wealth inequality.
Comedy, or stand-up misanthropy?
Life can be pretty tough at times, and humour can help to release the tension that builds up from the resulting stress. But do we have to denigrate and marginalise others to feed our humour?
The myth of race
Racial discrimination is based upon the idea that there are distinct races. However, the sequencing of the human genome showed that there are no genetic markers that definitively identify race.
YouTube – a creative wasteland
YouTube is very popular, but it seems to be filled with much dubious content.
The right to bear arms
The United States has a distinct aversion to limits on their citizens' ability to bear arms, yet on the international stage, they want some nations to be restricted from having nuclear weapons.
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