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Conservatism is the latest term for what is essentially the ideology that the rich and powerful have been following ruthlessly for millennia.
Great Replacement Theory
Right-wing groups and media are really pushing the idea that elites are aiming to replace white people with coloured immigrants, but it has been going on for centuries, just in reverse.
Sport as a metaphor for life – Not!
Seems that when talk comes to being a peak performer in life, the inevitable metaphors seem to be all centred about sports. But can the approach of sports high-achievers really apply to the rest of us?
Action movies – right-wing propaganda?
Action movies can be exciting entertainment and a vicarious diversion from the difficulties we have in our lives. But what is the world view that they present?
Spiritual values
In looking at having a society based upon spiritual values, we have to know what those values are.
Life purpose
Many see life purpose as being about career and what is exciting for us. However, does that truly fulfill what we are here to do?
Degrowth – the only alternative
We are outstripping the earth's capacity to supply the current demands of even a small part of humanity, while preventing the majority from ever having the ability to consume so much.
Why are we here?
Are we really here just to be exploited by those who don't care for us at all but use us for their own aggrandisement?
YouTube – a creative wasteland
YouTube is very popular, but it seems to be filled with much spurious and poorly-planned content.
Addiction mongering
In Buddhism, one path of the 8-fold path is right livelihood or right mode of living. This is not just about our jobs, but about what behaviours we engage in and how they affect others.

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