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Conservatism is the latest term for what is essentially the ideology that the rich and powerful have been following ruthlessly for millennia.
Lessons from COVID-19
When a new virus appears, we can expect that mistakes will be made as governments learn to tackle it. However, viruses can be unforgiving and if the lessons are not learnt, people will die.
Addiction mongering
In Buddhism, one path of the 8-fold path is right livelihood or right mode of living. This is not just about our jobs, but about what behaviours we engage in and how they affect others.
Spiritual values
In looking at having a society based upon spiritual values, we have to know what those values are.
Political bias reference point
When we need to make political decisions, as when voting or what we choose to read, we are making our choice around some idea of what the balance point is, but is it really balanced?
Future earth
We are living in times where there is supposed to be properity for all, but our societal systems are not serving us. Where do we go from here?
Judgement day
We see so many people seemingly choosing to believe in some delusional world that is not part of the reality of this planet. Welcome to Judgement Day!
Stock market
The stock market is the official way that people provide finance for companies in return for a share of the profits. Speculation destabilises this process.
Good government
Democratic government means that people decide who they want as their representatives, and hopefully how those representatives govern the country.
Tourism, pandemics and climate change
Tourism gets hit hard by pandemics as countries close down their borders to protect their citizens. Travel within countries is also restricted, and businesses are shut down, resulting in cleaner air as many fewer polluting vehicles are on the move.

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