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Using an 8K TV as a monitor
It may seem like overkill, but an 8K TV allows the sort of smooth rendering of text that makes using a computer all day a lot less of a strain.
TCL 43P725 - 16bit colour?
The 43P725 does not appear to provide true 24bit/pixel colour, making it unsuitable for use as a computer monitor, but maybe also for closeup solo viewing.
Audio recording
Audio recording has its own special requirements for hardware that are the opposite of almost every other computer use.
Fix Bluetooth volume level imbalance
With recent fully wireless earphones, sometimes the level in one channel will be much lower than the other, and there seems no way to fix it. Fortunately, there is a reason for it, and it is fixable.
Many consider outsourcing an efficient way to perform functions that are considered non-core.
Technology and the loss of agency
We are increasingly dependent upon technology for more of lives, but we are not getting any better equipped for life.
AI is the new SEO
Tech has its fads, and with each we get a plethora of talking heads ever-willing to enlighten us.
Biological systems
Biological systems have been developed over millions of years, learning to deal with changes in climate and environment, and adapting to what foods are available and what predators to avoid.
Super-fast non-volatile memory
Computer storage has been of two types; fast, but which requires power to retain its contents (primary), and slow drives which remember without power (secondary). But what happens when the slow drives become as fast as primary?
Left-field examples
Here are some examples of my left-field approach to creating documentation.
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