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Artificial intelligence
Artificial intelligence is about replicating the adaptive reasoning process that humans or higher animals, use. For that, we need to understand what intelligence is, and how it is used.
Fix Bluetooth volume level imbalance
With recent fully wireless earphones, sometimes the level in one channel will be much lower than the other, and there seems no way to fix it. Fortunately, there is a reason for it, and it is fixable.
Accessing encrypted communications
There are two aspects that don't seem to part of the discussion aound law enforcement access to encrypted communications, but are both legitimate concerns.
Early browser wars
Many seem to look at the early browser wars between Netscape and Microsoft as some sort of early cyber-bullying, but as a HTML developer at that time, I made the decision to drop using Netscape because it just wasn't anywhere near as useful as Internet Explorer.
A system failover scheme
In many enterprises, having backup systems is seen as a necessary but resented overhead, and will often take risky measures to minimise their costs. But is that wise?
Super-fast non-volatile memory
Computer storage has been of two types; fast, but which requires power to retain its contents (primary), and slow drives which remember without power (secondary). But what happens when the slow drives become as fast as primary?
Finger counting to 282 million
Even since we started becoming conscious of having a use for the stuff lying around us, we found we need to keep count of them. The obvious tally machine was our fingers, and so the digital age began! With only 10, it appears that the upper limit is rather limited, but maybe not!
Selling the prototype
Prototypes are fine as proofs of concept, but not as what you sell to a customer.
Driverless cars
Driverless cars are where governments have to take a holistic approach to road safety, rather than a manufacturer-centric one.
Time is normally broken into past, present and future, as if they are equal parts, but are they?

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