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Category: At the precipice

We are seeing that the social systems that we evolved are not serving the general wellbeing of people. What had led us here?

At the precipice
We are living in times where there is supposed to be properity for all, but our societal systems are not serving us. Where do we go from here?
Much is made of the unsanctioned addictions, like that to drugs, but the economy is heavily dependent upon people unquestioningly wanting the new and self-indulgent, also making them addictions.
Apologies for the sins of our fathers
Many think that whatever our ancestors did is not our problem, because we are not them, and so we have nothing to answer for. Why should we apologise?
Judgement day
We see so many people who seem to have chosen to believe in some delusional world that is not part of the reality of this planet. Welcome to Judgement Day!
Political parties
It is hard to imagine any modern democracy without political parties, but their very nature and modus operandi undermines the democratic process.
Pyramid belief schemes
We have heard about financial pyramid schemes where they only work while everyone believes in them, collapsing otherwise. However, a lot of what we take for granted has exactly the same fragile basis.
Religion in politics
Those who follow a religion seek to make it a guide for how they live their life. Politics is where enforcable laws are defined to rule how others live their lives. Problems can occur when the two meet.
Right to rule?
Many groups claim they are superior because of what they have achieved, but are those achievements actually a covering up of their own sense of inadequacy?
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