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The Australian people have started turning their backs on right-wing propaganda, but are they ready to chart their own way.

2022 election analysis
Several election pundits are stating that this election is a seachange, but nothing has really changed except that those people are having to acknowledge what has already happened.
Gaffs and the real figures
The Labor leader, Anthony Albanese, was caught not remembering the current unemployment figures and overnight bank rate, and copping a lot of flak afterwards. But are those figures really important?
Liberals admit their party is in danger
There are concerted efforts by the Liberal heavyweights to warn their voters about switching to independents. It is a telling admission about their own party.
National Party and mining
For a supposed party rooted in supporting farmers and agriculture, the National Party is now much more focussed on mining.
PMs for psychopaths
Six former Prime Ministers of Australia expressed unwavering support for Israel. Now we know why they failed us.
Rise of independents
At this election, we have seen independents becoming serious competition for the major parties.
Scott Morrison – antithetical Christian
Scott Morrison is a liar, a bully, dismissive, disingenuous, scheming, duplicitous, narcissistic and misanthropic, but expects to be taken seriously as a genuine Christian.
The Voice referendum
First Nations peoples have suffered severely debilitating health and economic outcomes as a result of over 200 years of suppression resulting from colonisation.
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