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Category: Building the future

There is much that needs to change to mitigate against climate change, but we must build more people-centred societies to make it a reality.

Building the future
In getting to a future that serves people, what are the steps we need to take from where we are now?
Degrowth – the only alternative
We are outstripping the earth's capacity to supply the current demands of even a small part of humanity, while preventing the majority from ever having the ability to consume so much.
To many, the homeless are an unsightly blot that should be kept out of sight. But the homeless will always be with us, so we need to find another approach to them.
Reversing climate change
We keep getting told that we are rapidly approaching the point where we may not be able to reverse the severe effects of climate change, yet we are still increasing the amount of greenhouse gasses.
Saving capitalism
Money allows organic social mobility, but when too much focus is placed on it, people suffer and the monetary systems become dysfunctional.
Saving the future
The earth will not wait for us to change our ways, so we must change them quickly if we are to survive as a species.
Society and disability
There is growing recognition that there are a lot of people with some sort of disability, and this is presenting a challenge to societies as to how to deal with them economically.
The trouble with socialism
Socialism is becoming more appealing to some as the excesses and instability caused by capitalism is contributing to increasing levels of wealth inequality.
Whistleblowing is a duty
Whistleblowers reveal crimes, but are often treated as if they were the perpetrators or even as traitors.
Why are we here?
Are we really here just to be exploited by those who don't care for us at all but use us for their own aggrandisement?
Why is society built for extroverts?
Advertising constantly implores us to spend on entertainment and consuming to impress. But are all of us really into that?
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