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Category: Challenges

There are many challenges to peace to societies and the world as a whole.

Agriculture and its role in inequality
Going from hunter-gatherer to agrarian societies marked a huge change in humanity's development, but also enabled the two major inequalities we have today.
Culture-based violence is not OK
Modern democratic societies try to incorporate more tolerance of cultural diversity, but there are aspects of many cultures that are antithetical to this goal.
Dr Black and Mr White
Everyone was expecting Barak Obama to be some sort of savour to the black people of the US, claiming to bring hope to the many, but that's all it was.
Fringe porn
The massive amount of information on the web has enabled some marginal ideas to enter into mainstream discourse. This is not necessarily good for society as a whole.
Identity and power
It is said we are in an era of so-called identity politics, but what is it and is it new?
Male – the invisible gender
Like white people are considered the invisible race, because they view themselves as the default cultural perspective, male is the hidden gender, in that patriarchy is the dominant perspective.
Many, including many political parties, are focussed upon money as the solution to their problems, but is that the right way to view it?
One-China and the two-state hypocrisy
On one hand we have symbolic acquiescence to recognising only one China, but have a push to split Israel and Palestine as a two-state solution. So why these seemingly disparate solutions?
Politicians still don't get it
Many politicians still seem to fail to understand why they are not trusted by voters. Hint: Their allegiance is not to their voters.
Some see having quotas for women or others as being a free ride, instead of being based on merit. It is not. They are about finding out what is stopping them achieving the number of positions that represents their numbers in society.
Social media
People often seek to communicate as a means of validation. Social media celebrates and encourages that, but not in a way that serves us.
The glamour of Russia
The Russian revolution in 1917 was the start of veneration of Russia as a sort of leftist utopia. It continued even when Stalinist Russia was known to be far from that utopia.
The myth of race
Racial discrimination is based upon the idea that there are distinct races. However, the sequencing of the human genome showed that there are no genetic markers that definitively identify race.
Tourism, pandemics and climate change
Tourism gets hit hard by pandemics as countries close down their borders to protect their citizens. Travel within countries is also restricted, and businesses are shut down, resulting in cleaner air as many fewer polluting vehicles are on the move.
What are debates for?
For some reason, instead of sitting down to nut out solutions to problems, we run debates.
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