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These articles cover the political challenges that governments face these days.

Addiction mongering
In Buddhism, one path of the 8-fold path is right livelihood or right mode of living. This is not just about our jobs, but about what behaviours we engage in and how they affect others.
Apologies for the sins of our fathers
Many think that whatever our ancestors did is not our problem, because we are not them, and so we have nothing to answer for. Why should we apologise?
Conservatism is the latest term for what is essentially the ideology that the rich and powerful have been following ruthlessly for millennia.
Heroes to dictators
Many countries emerged from struggles with colonial oppression, only to have their once heroes turn into the oppressors. Now this disease is spreading to middle-class democracies.
To many, the homeless are an unsightly blot that should be kept out of sight. But the homeless will always be with us, so we need to find another approach to them.
Lessons from COVID-19
When a new virus appears, we can expect that mistakes will be made as governments learn to tackle it. However, viruses can be unforgiving and if the lessons are not learnt, people will die.
Many, including many political parties, are focussed upon money as the solution to their problems, but is that the right way to view it?
News is entertainment
The general idea of news is that it provides useful information about events around the world. However, that is not the source of its current appeal.
Political bias reference point
When we need to make political decisions, as when voting or what we choose to read, we are making our choice around some idea of what the balance point is, but is it really balanced?
Political parties
It is hard to imagine any modern democracy without political parties, but their very nature and modus operandi undermines the democratic process.
Politicians still don't get it
Many politicians still seem to fail to understand why they are not trusted by voters. Hint: Their allegiance is not to their voters.
Real peace in the middle east
The official position taken by many governments is that a two-state solution to the Israeli-Palestine conflict will bring peace.
Religion in politics
Those who follow a religion seek to make it a guide for how they live their life. Politics is where enforcable laws are defined to rule how others live their lives. Problems can occur when the two meet.
Religious freedom = Legal discrimination
We all have the freedom to believe what we want, and governments -- despite what they think they can do -- cannot really make you believe whatever they want. However, religious practices are filled with discrimination that would not be legally tolerated within any other institutions.
Right to bear arms
The United States has a distinct aversion to limiting their citizen's ability to bear arms, regardless of how much damage is, or can be, done using guns, because the Second Amendment enshrines that, yet on the international stage, they want some nations to be restricted from having nuclear weapons, even though they are a relatively minor threat to them.
Tourism, pandemics and climate change
Tourism gets hit hard by pandemics as countries close down their borders to protect their citizens. Travel within countries is also restricted, and businesses are shut down, resulting in cleaner air as many fewer polluting vehicles are on the move.

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