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Category: Dark triads damage society

Societies have always had those we have been told to look up to because they were supposedly worthy of being in charge, but they are not!

Dark triads
There are a few people who have a collection of personality traits that makes them extremely dangerous for our societies.
Addiction mongering
In Buddhism, one path of the 8-fold path is right livelihood or right mode of living. This is not just about our jobs, but about what behaviours we engage in and how they affect others.
Avoiding the psychopaths
We may not want toxic people in our lives because we know how badly they affect us, but we also need to avoid supporting, working or voting for them.
Conservatism is the latest term for what is essentially the ideology that the rich and powerful have been following ruthlessly for millennia.
Covid psychopaths
Covid-19 has revealed the people and systems that do not help us, particularly the two types of people who are really sabotaging our collective health.
Creating suffering
There are the few who seek to control the wheels of our societies for their own ends. Unfortunately, some of those ends are perpetuating cycles of suffering.
Documenting the destruction
Dark triad people have created most of the problems throughout human history. Fortunately, the modern information age has given us a lot of evidence of what they do now.
Extreme selfishness: true face of evil
People fall back on religious symbols for what constitutes evil, but evil is obvious in light of the harm that extreme selfishness is doing to humanity and the earth.
Fake transphobia
The latest target for othering by the misanthropists is transexuals, a group that has been on the fringes of society for a very long time.
Israel – stand with psychopaths
Israel was created with the intent of being an apartheid racist genocidal ethno-state. Those that choose to support it are complicit in this goal and are anti-humanitarian.
Many billionaires say that they are concerned about the long-term survival of the human race. No, it's just another con to keep the focus on them.
Neoliberalism serves psychopaths
For the last few decades, the idea of government as protectors of their citizens has been shifted to protecting those who don't care about those citizens.
Psychopaths for Jesus
Some modern forms of Christianity seem to have no resemblance to its tenets, but are more a political movement supporting neoliberalism and even the destruction of democracy.
Seeding fascism
The alt-right is often seen as distributed and leaderless but that does not mean that they are not fed and nurtured by the few who want to control them.
Standing with psychopaths
We are seeing Israel committing genocide but not held to account by many who profess concern for human rights. This is the dystopian world that supporting psychopaths creates.
The real fanatics
We see fanatics as some crazed people who will do whatever it takes to further their cause, yet we have placed the worst of them at the centre of our societies.
The system isn't the saviour
Capitalists and socialists often frame their arguments as if just changing to their systems is enough to make society better, but is that a valid assumption?
Trump and politicians are a distraction
Trump and the circus of conservative politicians around the world are a distraction from the real deep state of selfish billionaires funding organisations to ensure they remain in ultimate power.
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