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Category: Democracy under seige

Around the world, democracies are under challenge by right-wing reactionary forces fed by funding from wealthy individuals who want to expand their privilege.

Beware conservative political refugees
With extreme right-wing politics taking over traditionally conservative political parties, many centrist members are fleeing them, and being welcomed elsewhere with open arms as if enlightened.
Heroes to dictators
Many countries emerged from struggles with colonial oppression, only to have their once heroes turn into the oppressors. Now this disease is spreading to middle-class democracies.
Ideologies – enemies of free will?
Having ideals towards which to work is good, but if they are not flexible, as they aren't in most ideologies, they can become a yoke on thinking, preventing growth.
Liability for algorithms
We live in a world where many now rely upon their news from social media, bringing attention to the means by which the news seen is decided.
Religious freedom = Legal discrimination
We all have the freedom to believe what we want, and governments should allow us that. However, religions are filled with discrimination and restrictions in thought and action not allowed elsewhere.
Right-wing dishonesty
Right wing means to care more about money than people, so any mention of caring is a pretense for show or manipulation.
The Great Replacement Theory
Right-wing groups and media are really pushing the idea that elites are aiming to replace white people with coloured immigrants, but it has been going on for centuries, just in reverse.
The right to bear arms
The United States has a distinct aversion to limits on their citizens' ability to bear arms, yet on the international stage, they want some nations to be restricted from having nuclear weapons.
Vigilantes – heroes or loose cannons?
Much is made of people who take the law into their own hands as being heroes who are not bound by restrictions that weaken the police's ability to protect us. But what are we unleashing here?
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