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Issues about entertainment topics and technology.

Action movies – right-wing propaganda?
Action movies can be exciting entertainment and a vicarious diversion from the difficulties we have in our lives. But what is the world view that they present?
Comedy, or stand-up misanthropy?
Life can be pretty tough at times, and humour can help to release the tension that builds up from the resulting stress. But do we have to denigrate and marginalise others to feed our humour?
We often rely upon movie and TV critics for advice upon how well movies and programs are likely to entertain us. It seems a cushy job, but maybe it isn't!
News is entertainment
The general idea of news is that it provides useful information about events around the world. However, that is not the source of its current appeal.
Post-apocalypse is the new western
Westerns were once a mainstay of movies and TV, but in recent years they seem to have been replaced by the post-apocalypse genre.
Video streaming
When Netflix was the only streaming site, it was a simple matter of selecting from a surfeit of options of what to spend the next couple of hours watching. No more!
YouTube – a creative wasteland
YouTube is very popular, but it seems to be filled with much spurious and poorly-planned content.

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