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Category: People-centred politics

The terms right-wing and left-wing have so permeated our political discourse that they have blinded us to the right political perspective to have for people to thrive.

People-centred politics
Many get caught up in politics as left or right wing, but these are misleading as we can make our societies about the people in them, us.
A fairer society
If our lives are to be a living out of our inner desire to understand ourselves and the world we live in, then how we run a society that values that goal is paramount to our continued well-being.
Be a global citizen
If we are selfish in our personal lives, we create problems for all around us, but when nations are selfish, the world suffers.
Life purpose
Many see life purpose as being about career and what is exciting for us. However, does that truly fulfill what we are here to do?
Political bias reference point4-quadrant political bias map
When we need to make political decisions, as when voting or what we choose to read, we are making our choice around some idea of what the balance point is, but is it really balanced?
Spiritual values
In looking at having a society based upon spiritual values, we have to know what those values are.
The left needs a vegan moment
Compared to what seems like a united right, the so-called left appears in disarray. Perhaps it can learn a lesson from veganism.
The light of life
There are many things in the world that can be seen as a pall of darkness over the earth and humanity, but are they?
Universal Basic Income
Universal Basic Income (UBI) is where everyone in a society gets enough money from the government so that they not only never fall below the poverty line, but have enough to decently live on.
What can we do?
While our collective efforts have brought the earth to the verge of not being able to support us, what can we do to undo what we have done?
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