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Pondering the universe


These articles cover the nature of existence and some different ways we can think about it.

Clothes are not beliefs1y
People wear clothes for many reasons, but some are proscribed because they are meant to represent a particular set of beliefs. However, since people can fake why they wear clothes, clothes cannot, of themselves, guarantee beliefs. So, why are they such a big deal?
Consciousness, free will and a body1y
There are only three rights we can really claim entitlement to, being that of having a consciousness, free will, and a body that we can use to some extent. All else is opinion!
How big is God?1y
By their nature, God is bigger than us as individuals, but how big? I am not referring to popularity here, but the actual size of God.
Suffering - path to compassion35w
The existence of suffering is one of the hardest things for people to come to grips with when thinking that love is supposedly the goal of life.
The 8-fold path2y
Most explanations of Guatama Buddha's 8-fold path deal with it as a subject of deep contemplation, outside of the pressures of daily life. However, it is most powerful when used in the present moment.
The limits of scriptures1y
Most people live their lives using beliefs based upon one of a handful of principal scriptures, but do they deserve the high importance people place in them?
The soul's journey1y
The soul means different things to different people. This is one view that ties it together with what, as personalities living on earth, our purpose is, and the circumstances that we find ourselves in while here.

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