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Politics: Categories

Categories group related articles together, and this page lists all the categories available on this subsite.

At the precipice19
We are seeing that the social systems that we evolved are not serving the general wellbeing of people. What had led us here?
Australian politics8
The Australian people have started turning their backs on right-wing propaganda, but are they ready to chart their own way.
Building the future14
There is much that needs to change to mitigate against climate change, but we must build more people-centred societies to make it a reality.
Business has evolved from just being one person's vocation, to rivaling nations, so how do we make sure that that genie is still the servant.
There are many challenges to peace to societies and the world as a whole.
Dark triads damage society18
Societies have always had those we have been told to look up to because they were supposedly worthy of being in charge, but they are not!
Democracy under seige12
Around the world, democracies are under challenge by right-wing reactionary forces fed by funding from wealthy individuals who want to expand their privilege.
Education is our attempts to prepare ourselves for liv‌ing in the world. That can lead to conformity or freedom, but usually somewhere in between.
Entertainment has provided us with distractions from the problems of the world, but are its various forms just helping to create them instead.
Good government19
Democratic government means that people decide who they want as their representatives, and hopefully how those representatives govern the country, but how do we guarantee that?
People-centred politics10
The terms right-wing and left-wing have so permeated our political discourse that they have blinded us to the right political perspective to have for people to thrive.
Public health5
One of the duties of a democratic government is to protect the health of its citizens, but is often hijacked by economic interests.
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