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Australia – election 20226
With the Australian federal election on 21 May 2022, we see that many of the same issues as for the 2019 election are still being focussed upon.
Building the futureFuture on blue background11
There is much that needs to change to mitigate against climate change, but we must build more people-centred societies to make it a reality.
BusinessLooking up at surrounding tall buildings8
Business has evolved from just being one person's vocation, to rivaling nations, so how do we make sure that that genie is still the servant.
ChallengesMaze with figurine looking in17
These articles cover the political challenges that governments face these days.
Issues about entertainment topics and technology.
Future earthMosaic suspended earth10
We are seeing that the social systems that we evolved are not serving the general wellbeing of people. So what does a future earth based upon human-centred values look like?
Good governmentGrand temple-like government building with columns20
Democratic government means that people decide who they want as their representatives, and hopefully how those representatives govern the country, but how do we guarantee that?
Public healthMicrobiologist in protective equipment at work7
One of the duties of a democratic government is to protect the health of its citizens, but is often hijacked by economic interests.

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