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Category: Public health

One of the duties of a democratic government is to protect the health of its citizens, but is often hijacked by economic interests.

Covid brings out the ageists
Among the many inequalities being highlighted by covid, ageism is one discrimination form putting lives on the line.
Intellectual property & the public good
Huge inequalities in health outcomes around the world have occurred as a result of protecting the intellectual property rights of pharmaceutical companies.
Lessons from COVID-19
When a new virus appears, we can expect that mistakes will be made as governments learn to tackle it. However, viruses can be unforgiving and if the lessons are not learnt, people will die.
Redefining work
Covid isolation has forced businesses and their workers to rethink the whole working from an office routine, leading to experimentation with variations challenging other working life assumptions.
Sport as a metaphor for life – Not!
Seems that when talk comes to being a peak performer in life, the inevitable metaphors seem to be centred about sports. But can the approach of sports high-achievers really apply to the rest of us?
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