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If you want a better life, the best way forward is to change yourself. These articles examine some of the considerations involved in that process.

Decades of growth24w
There are many ideas about how we grow up, and this is my take on the process from my own observations.
Developing trust23w
We live with a lot of uncertainty, and if it is too strong, we lose trust in our ability to control our lives.
Emotions and love4w
While we often consider love just another emotion, it is more than that, as it is the key to our transforming ourselves beyond just reacting to our circumstances in life.
Honest about honesty43w
Many talk about being authentic and showing vulnerability as signs of being honest, but is doing those things really mean we are being honest?
Is it all just noise?26w
In this modern world of social media, are we just being swamped by others' noise? How do we keep our sense of sanity in all this?
When we suffer loss in our lives, we can have a sense of being in a tail-spin as we go through a range of emotions while we try to make sense of our life without who or what we've lost.
Making changes to your life1y
Through your own or another's insights, you may have seen some new possibilities for your life. For many of you, that will be enough for you to marshall the will and enthusiasm to make the changes within you that will keep you focussed on your goals, despite the difficulties that making changes may bring.
Mindset is not belief12w
Many seem to push the idea that changing your view of things is all that is needed to change your life, but there is much more to it.
Scientific method1y
Many see science as based upon facts, but the central process by which those facts are determined is based upon a leap of faith. Moreover, that process is used by everybody in their daily lives, albeit mostly imperfectly.
Soul mates2y
Many people look to a soul mate as their one true love, but they are just one of many soul mates that enable you to develop and grow.
Spiritual awakening1w
Spiritual awakening is about realising that a lot of what we believe about ourselves is not really us, but that the real us is something beyond that and directing our lives.
Too many are willing to sacrifice any morals they have, just to be part of what seems to be the winning team.

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