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If we want a better life, the best way forward is to change ourselves. These articles examine some of the considerations involved in that process.

Bitterness and resentment
Bitterness comes from a continued holding onto the entitlements or prestige we expected we were due, but were thwarted by the actions of others or life circumstances.
Decades of growth
There are many ideas about how we grow up, and this is my take on the process from my own observations.
Developing trust
We live with a lot of uncertainty, and if it is too strong, we lose trust in our ability to control our lives.
Emotions and love
While we often consider love just another emotion, it is more than that, as it is the key to our transforming ourselves beyond just reacting to our circumstances in life.
Forgiveness is a state of mind or attitude that is not ruled by what we or others have done that has created problems for us. We have let go of it!
Honest about honesty
Many talk about being authentic and showing vulnerability as signs of being honest, but is doing those things really mean we are being honest?
Is it all just noise?
In this modern world of social media, are we just being swamped by others' noise? How do we keep our sense of sanity in all this?
Life patterns
The life we live tends to follow fairly predictable patterns, even in the ways that those patterns can change.
When we suffer loss in our lives, we can have a sense of being in a tail-spin as we go through a range of emotions while we try to make sense of our life without who or what we've lost.
Making changes to our lives
Through our own or another's insights, we may have seen some new possibilities for our lives. At times, that is enough to take charge of our lives. At others, we may need help or consult with others.
Mastering life
Life is not about conquering obstacles, but learning to not be the obstacle.
Mindset is not belief
Many seem to push the idea that changing our thoughts and views of things is all that is needed to change our lives, but there is much more to it.
Seek validation within, not from others
For much of the time, we are obsessed with what others think of us. This is a recipe for neurosis and fear.
Self-awareness – taking back control
Self-awareness comes from focussing our consciousness upon the nature of our own thoughts, feeling and actions, rather than just reacting to life's experiences and challenges.
Too many are willing to sacrifice any morals they have, just to be part of what seems to be the successful or winning team, or get what they desire.
The power of pivoting
We procrastinate when we can't find a way to get our heads around a problem, but many times it pays just to pick a focus and let it open doors for us.
The scientific methodunknown
Many see science as based upon facts, but the central process by which those facts are determined is based upon a leap of faith.
There is no perfection in the body
Many seek perfection in some aspect of their personality, whether it be their physical body or their mental capabilities.
Using our subconscious
We clutter our minds up with so many worries and questions about them that we block out our most important resource, our subconscious.
What's wrong with unexceptional?
There is a lot of peer pressure to be exceptional or have some ability that makes us outstandingly different. Why?
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