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Category: Soul

This category is about that part of ourselves that created our personality and drives its experiences and lessons.

1.The soul's journey
The soul means different things to different people. This is one view that ties it together with what our personality's purpose is, and the circumstances that we find ourselves in while here.
2.View from the soul
We are used to looking at our lives and the world from what our personalities want to see. This article presents an exercise that can help us to get in touch with how our soul sees the world.
3.Conversations with the soul
Conversing with one's soul – or any higher being – is not the same as everyday talking, but a transfer of understanding that may appear as words.
4.Karma and dharma
Whatever we do has consequences, but how are those consequences shaped?
5.The Avatar of Synthesis
There are many changes happening in the world today, with much due to humanity having to prepare for the earth stepping up its consciousness. The Avatar of Synthesis is here to facilitate that.
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