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These articles cover the nature of existence and some different ways we can think about it.

Awakening to the higher self
Awakening to our higher self is about realising that a lot of what we believe about ourselves is not really us, but that the real us is something beyond that and directing our lives.
Clothes are not beliefs
People wear clothes for many reasons, but some are prescribed because they are meant to represent a particular set of beliefs.
Consciousness, free will and a body
There are only three rights we can really claim entitlement to, being that of having a consciousness, free will, and a body that we can use to some extent. All else is opinion!
Cycles of life
The manifested universe relies upon cyclic actions, like the spinning of atoms to galaxies, but also cycles of manifestation.
How big is god?
By their nature, god is bigger than us as individuals, but how big? I am not referring to popularity here, but the actual size of god.
So if our personalities are not our true selves, what is identity all about?
Personality growth is not spiritual growth
There are a plethora of self-help gurus trying to push us to buy into the idea that improving the personality is paramount, and achievable by following some regime religiously. But is that really what our lives are about?
Religion is not spirituality
We may consider following our religion's practices and believing in a god as being good for our spiritual growth, but are they really?
Soul mates
Many people look to a soul mate as their one true love, but they are just one of many soul mates that enable us to develop and grow.
Spiritual teachers
When getting seriously interested in spiritual topics, we will come across spiritual teachers. Who are they and what can we realistically expect of them?
Spirituality and society are intertwined
Spirituality is often seen as separate from society, or that too much focus upon societal concerns will detract from spiritual growth.
Suffering - path to compassion
The existence of suffering is one of the hardest things for people to come to grips with when thinking that love is supposedly the goal of life.
The 8-fold path
Most explanations of Guatama Buddha's 8-fold path deal with it as a subject of deep contemplation, outside of the pressures of daily life. However, it is most powerful when used in the present moment.
The limits of scriptures
Most of us live our lives using beliefs based upon one of a handful of principal scriptures, but do they deserve the high importance we place in them?
The spiritual path
There are many glamours and much disinformation about what walking a spiritual path involves. Time to be more grounded about it.
We are not not our personalities
There is an often posited stance that our personalities are an impediment to spiritual growth, but that undervalues and undermines the reason why we incarnate.
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