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We are part of the environment. While we were much fewer in number, the rest of the environment could recover from our actions. We have now scaled up in numbers so much that we are becoming a threat to the earth's ability to support us.
Left-field thinking2
While many assignments are pretty straight forward, some come along which require a different approach, either because there just wasn't enough time allowed, or they could be done a lot better and faster by automating parts of the document production. These articles detail some considerations for using the left-field approach.
Tech problems1
Sometimes tech just doesn't work as it's supposed to, but as long as it is consistent, we have a chance to do something to fix it.
These articles cover technology, its affect upon us, and ponderings on its future.
The universe4
The universe is BIG, and one would expect there to be a plethora of different forms, yet there is a lot of similarity right across it.

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