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The universe is BIG, and one would expect there to be a plethora of different forms, yet there is a lot of similarity right across it.

Life on other planets
Many wonder whether life, as we know it, exists on other planets. Yet, those who follow some religions already have an understanding of the type of life that can exist on other planets.
The basic building block of matter
Basic physics deals with the nature of matter, and how it builds the world around us. Much of the research is looking for the ultimate building block of matter, just so we can then make whatever we want out of such 'magic' Lego blocks. But are we looking at it all from the wrong angle?
The universal form
People have been trying to find the ultimate Lego block that all the universe is made of. That search is still ongoing. However, there is a basic form that is used by atoms to galaxies, and it gives a good clue to why those entities can last so long.
Time is normally broken into past, present and future, as if they are equal parts, but are they?
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