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Sometimes it just pays to put in some thinking time to get our heads around the reality of what we may have taken for granted.

Atheism is a religion
We have free will, so we can believe in whatever we choose, including if it cannot be proved.
Avoiding time wasters
There are many that make a lot of noise to engage in a lot of discussion, but essentially waste our time.
Do psychics exist?
In discussing psychics, there are often some who make categorical statements about the existence or ethics of psychics. This article is about bringing some sort of rationality to such discussions.
Experience junkies
Many want more to their lives, and so attend workshops and seminars to gain more knowledge. However, they can then get caught up in the experience and high of a workshop, and so spend a lot of time jumping from one to another.
Hardworking is propaganda
An adjective often used by politicians trying to influence us to support their policies is hardworking, but what are they really doing by using it?
Masking identity
There are many reasons people hide what they identify with so that they are more accepted.
Personal choices
We tend to believe that in relation to the rest of humanity, our personal decisions don't count for much, but is that really true?
Many people are held up as intellectuals and thought-leaders, but is what they are doing actually promoting clear thinking?
Reality vs la-la land
We have free will, with which we can choose what to believe. We can choose to only see what is in front of us, but we can also choose to believe things about which we have no proof. When the latter consistently ignores reality, we venture into la-la land.
Science, truth and rationality
We have the capacity for logical thinking, and if it is to be useful to us, it has to be fed by facts, but how do we get those?
The value of art
We all know of the great artists of history and modern times, but what value do their works really hold for us?
Thought exercise
We all live with a set of beliefs that largely governs how we look at the world and what we do. However, sometimes need to think about possibilities outside those, without having to commit to them.
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