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Sometimes it just pays to put in some thinking time to get our heads around the reality of what we may have taken for granted.

Much is made of the unsanctioned addictions, like that to drugs, but the economy is heavily dependent upon people unquestioningly wanting the new and self-indulgent, also making them addictions.
Avoiding time wasters
There are many that make a lot of noise to engage in a lot of discussion, but essentially waste our time.
Comedy, or stand-up misanthropy?
Life can be pretty tough at times, and humour can help to release the tension that builds up from the resulting stress. But do we have to denigrate and marginalise others to feed our humour?
Experience junkies
Many want more to their lives, and so attend workshops and seminars to gain more knowledge. However, they can then get caught up in the experience and high of a workshop, and so spend a lot of time jumping from one to another.
Having ideals towards which to work is good, but if they are not flexible, as they aren't in most ideologies, they can become a yoke on thinking, preventing growth.
Personal choices
We tend to believe that in relation to the rest of humanity, our personal decisions don't count for much, but is that really true?
Post-apocalypse is the new western
Westerns were once a mainstay of movies and TV, but in recent years they seem to have been replaced by the post-apocalypse genre.
Pyramid belief schemes
We have heard about financial pyramid schemes where it only works while everyone believes in it, collapsing otherwise. However, a lot of what we take for granted has exactly the same fragile basis.
Some see having quotas for women or others as being a free ride, instead of being based on merit. It is not. They are about finding out what is stopping them achieving the number of positions that represents their numbers in society.
Reality vs la-la land
We have free will, with which we can choose what to believe. We can choose to only see what is in front of us, but we can also choose to believe things about which we have no proof. When the latter consistently ignores reality, we venture into la-la land.
The myth of race
Racial discrimination is based upon the idea that there are distinct races. However, the sequencing of the human genome showed that there are no genetic markers that definitively identify race.
Thought exercise
Everyone lives their lives with a set of beliefs that largely governs how they look at the world and defines the types of thinking and actions that they are willing to engage. However, sometimes you need to think about possibilities outside those, and treating those as a thought exercise is a way of doing that, without having to give up any of your beliefs, just yet.

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