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1.Good government

Democratic government means that people decide who they want as their representatives, and hopefully how those representatives govern the country. However, many attempt to thwart that bond, and bend it to their own ideology or selfish purpose. This article is an attempt to lay down a structure that embodies the noble ideal of democracy, yet resists attempts to undermine it.

Many today are frustrated with their governments. Much of that can be due to biases and limits built into their political system, largely by their country's formative events and the manipulations by influential people, that prevent the full benefits of democracy reaching them.

Perhaps it may be better to define what a democracy should really be like, and then people may want to steer their country towards implementing that. It may take time, or it may be able to be done in one swoop, if the mass political will is strong enough.

This category is very incomplete, both in breadth, and depth within articles, but it will evolve over time. I wanted to start getting the core ideas 'out there' as quickly as possible.

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