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Judgement day

We see so many people seemingly choosing to believe in some delusional world that is not part of the reality of this planet. Welcome to Judgement Day!

We are part of a hierarchy of consciousnesses that includes the soul which created our personality for its learning, as well as furthering the spiritualisation of the planet, eventually. The soul itself was created by its spirit for its own path of learning to be a centre of creative endeavour.

The earth then is a proving ground for a whole lot of centres of consciousness, at all levels, to grow and evolve their consciousness and their ability to gather together matter at the levels they are working into forms that can change their surroundings in order to experiment.

The goal of the soul is to cooperate in the plan for the planet at the physical, emotional and mental levels by building personalities that can best represent it at those levels. Free will is the mechanism by which those personalities demonstrate that they can, of their own choice, choose to work for their soul.

Of course, it takes a lot of experimenting for a soul to eventually build personalities that are responsive to its will. The earlier personalities get distracted by what is going on in their surroundings and their interactions with other personalities.

The evolution of the soul can take millions of years, so we are part of a journey that started and evolved on other planets before coming to this one that has a physical level that can be a rich source of creative learning. That level of experience is not available on most planets, so the earth is a favoured place for a speed-up in a soul's learning.

The earth is evolving ^

There has been a lot of opportunities to learn on this planet, many painful, that allowed us to learn compassion. However, the planet itself has its own path, and it is about to take its own step up.

That stepping up provides an expanded range of opportunities to learn, but it also closes the door to a lot of the more painful experiences. While most souls will be able to adapt to the change, many will not, and they will have to move to other planets.

However, that move is not a trivial endeavour, as the souls will have to get used to creating personalities that operate in another environment, perhaps without the lower physical level that our flesh exists in. That learning has to happen on this planet, perhaps involving different groups of souls than they have been used to cooperating with.

That learning to be elsewhere is why there are so many personalities that seem focused on a perspective of thought that is not the reality on this planet. That is because their souls have to have a common 'reality' that is workable on their target planet, but still sort of workable on earth.

Their souls prepare for this new reality by creating personalities that consistently choose to reject this planet's reality in favour of what the target planet will have. That is being facilitated by those here who will promote ideas and ways of thinking that will help those personalies to keep making those choices. Those pied pipers of delusion will go with them.

Along with them will be others who could stay here, but choose to go with them to be those who plant the seeds that bring changes to the consciousnesses of those on those planets. Those planets will already have people on them, who, along with the planet, are making a sacrifice for what may be very disruptive to them. The earth itself has been the receiver of such an influx of disruptive beings, which has been the genesis of many of our current problems.

What about me? ^

The first thing upon reading about a mass exodus is wondering whether or not we are going or staying.

The good news is that anyone asking such a question is probably staying. As can be seen around us, those that are thoroughly immersed in their delusions are in no doubt that their delusion is real. If they accepted that there was to be a mass exodus, they would think they are the ones that are staying!

The strength of belief in the delusion has got so strong that some who disbelieved in COVID-19 and got hospitalised in critical care for it are not wanting to notify relatives that they are critical and might die, just because they think it couldn't possibly be what supposedly doesn't exist. That is, until they get intubated and the reality hits.

They might actually be ones who get to stay, because for most in the delusion, the challenges to it are much easier to dismiss. Anyone who gets doubts might be given opportunities to step back from the point of no return, and many might do that when the reality of the loss of people around them hits home.

Just in case some of the symptoms of being ones who will leave are not clear, they are:

  1. a.Believing in conspiracies that cannot be true, to the point of having no doubts they are true, and willing to argue, but not with facts, with anyone who denies them.
  2. b.Choosing to support politicians or anyone else who only tells them what they want to hear. To them, doubt is failure.
  3. c.While perhaps claiming to speak for freedom, they have become very selfish, to the point of narcissism, thinking what they want is more important, even than other people's lives.
  4. d.Viewing anyone challenging them as enemies, even if those people are trying to save their lives.

People from all walks of life will be leaving, but some that may be more likely are those who are very paranoid about governments without real cause, and those believing god will take them away from all the heathens and heretics. The common thread is that they sense a separation coming and that they will be taken away from this world, so they may be rationalising what is going to happen as them as making them the saved ones.

In a way, they are being saved, but from themselves, because they would not be able to change quickly enough to handle the newer pace of change on earth.

How will it happen? ^

Billions of people don't just disappear without creating mass panic. However, we are being prepared for it so that we can rationalise what is happening.

Wars are a major way that people die en masse, but it is highly disruptive to our psyches as we deal with the mass distruction and the resulting mass migration. While we learn to be adaptive, we often close down to tolerance and empathy.

In recent years, we have begun to have a lot more pandemics, and while they can be very disruptive, they do not result in the often total breakdown of societal institutions that war can bring. Their outcomes are more predictable for societal governance.

With the pandemics we have seen their politicisation and the measures taken to protect people as being some sort of totalitarian threat, typically by those thoroughly enmeshed in the other delusions. Those that subscribe to this view typically don't wear masks, don't physically distance, and even deny the existence of the virus. That is, they deliberately avoid protecting themselves.

This hints at the means by which masses can be the cause of their own mass exodus. They are willingly choosing to be at risk from any new and more deadly viruses whereas the rest of their societies are becoming fairly used to taking precautions and adopting containment policies that will protect them in future. We have seen how the wearing of masks in Asian countries has been more commonplace due to their effectiveness in combating previous epidemics.

From this we can see how a more deadly virus would disproportionally affect those who are thoroughly enmeshed in their delusions. They become the willing agent of their own extinction, especially if they are against vaccinations. Responding to COVID-19 has accelerated development of newer delivery mechanisms for vaccines, and thus we will be better able to respond rapidly to newer viruses, but only for those who are not against taking them.

People are making their choices, and those choices have consequences. They are exercising their free will, and at this time, many of those choices will affect on which planet their future resides.

Our new focus ^

So, where does that leave the rest of us who have to prepare for the step up in consciousness, while still dealing with a sizable proportion of our population that is not cooperating with us?

We have to forget about trying to change those who have made the millions of choices to leave. That is a futile effort. Instead we have to focus upon the thinking we need to be able to adapt to the coming changes, many of which may open our consciousnesses to the parts of reality that have remained hidden to most.

However, while those souls knowing they are leaving will have personalities not open to alternatives, there are many souls that have yet to know whether they will have to leave. They will find out by building personalities that will be in internal conflict about what to choose. This means that they may be open to having their minds changed, so we should be there for them, but we don't have to keep doing so if they keep choosing to ignore the help they need.

More importantly, we have to mainly focus on building societies that are better suited to allowing the new range of experiences. Our institutions have to be geared towards facilitating the growth of consciousness and cooperation, and not to the dismissive devaluing of people's worth for some to build what is essentially false power – that is, not an inherent capability – and useless wealth to feed their greed.

It will help that over the transition period, however long that needs to be, the approximately 40% that are to leave will be steadily departing as their souls are ready. That means that the greedy and selfish will either adapt or leave, allowing more to be free of their distractive influence. We still have our own lessons to learn in this process.

For most it will mean the break up of groups of souls that have cooperated for millenia, and that will play out in the breakup in relationships of personalities in families and other social groups. That is part of the process by which we learn to adapt to the changes, though it is painful while it is happening.

Part of the method by which people are being prepared for moving is in the dislocation of many from the lands that they have traditionally inhabited. Their target planet will be different, so it helps that souls can build personalities that can be displaced without being debilitated emotionally.

Those who are staying also need to learn to let go of attachments to ways of living that may not serve them in the coming years. Many ideas of identity and race are tied to attachment to land. This has led to wars to gain land for the exploitation of its people and resources. This will not be part of the way of life on earth after the transition.

It is important to not see the removal as some sort of punishment, as those souls and personalities have been given millions of opportunities to choose where they want to be and choose what actions to take to fulfill those choices. That is compassion in action. Learn to feel alright with those choices.

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