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Real peace in the middle east

The official position taken by many governments is that a two-state solution to the Israeli-Palestine conflict will bring peace.

Israel was created by the imposition by outside powers trying to prevent an influx of Jewish refugees into their own countries, perhaps because they had their own widespead anti-semitism despite their opposition to the Nazis.

However, just dumping settlers into a land already occupied by others, and giving them power to enforce their own religion is just asking for problems, especially since the land in question was already a mecca for multiple faiths.

But this reflects the simplistic colonial arrogance of those powers at the time. The arab nations were already distrustful of the British since being fed false promises by T E Lawrence (of Lawrence of Arabia fame) about being helped to gain full independence from occupying forces.

Since then, there has been a systemic segregation of arabs out of full equality, bouyed by the support of the west as a bullwark against arab interests. Similarly, the Palestinians have been seemingly supported by the arab neighbours, but really left out to dry to futher their own resentment and opposition to Israel.

Amid all this false diplomacy, supposedly for their benefit, the Palestinians have become the focus for conflicting economic and political interests in the middle east and beyond.

Israel is the 'poster child' of a repressed and persecuted peoples becoming triumphant, by becoming an economic powerhouse. But the bullied has grown into a bully, leveraging its own suffering to justify its abuse of its power, cheered on by those who see it as a champion of their own interests in the region.

Displacing a peoples to some undesirable land, moving them again when that land does become desirable, reducing their freedoms, and systemically overreacting when some actively resist, is aparthied. The oppressors have become like the Nazis that oppressed their peoples a few decades before.

Unfortunately, separating foes is not a solution, but just a delay until the real problems are dealt with. Meanwhile, hostilites boil over.

Peace only exists when there is actual peace, with trust and respect for others to live their own lives without undue interference. It does not happen when the situation is overloaded with others' political and economic expectations. Religion is just the excuse for these real drivers of the interference, as it is the focus to rally voters around.

Israel has the chance to the a real 'poster child' for how peoples of varying beliefs can live together, but to do that it has to shrug off being influenced by internal and external partisan interests that work against the best interests of its own peoples.

It is time to stop pretending that segregation is in the best interests of anybody except those wanting to exploit disenfranchisment for their own gain. Peace requires those who hold power to have peace in their hearts, and be willing to share that peace with all.

One nation, many peoples, many beliefs, living in tolerance and trust. That is peace. It takes real courage to make that happen.

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