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3.The law

The law is many things, depending upon the level you look at it.

In this article, the laws being discussed are human created laws. Natural laws, like the law of gravity, are inviolate. There is no punishment, because we cannot break them. They always apply.

Human laws are an attempt to regulate our behaviour so that we can live together in relative harmony. Mostly they have to be imposed, but in a democracy, we are, theoretically, able to have some input into how they are framed.

Conversely, human laws cannot just be stated, but often must be enforced. This is because laws are not seen from the same level of understanding by each of us, with some requiring more specific 'guidance' than others.

Human laws follow a hierarchy, from the most abstract to the most physical, to cater for the range of consciousness of the people expected to obey them.

The different levels are which the law can be seen to operate are:

1ConstitutionIntuitionBasic principles by which a society lives
2LawsMentalStructured obligations
3RegulationsEmotionalBehaviours expected
4PolicePhysicalWho enforces the above

For a person who has a high level of intuition, the law seems just a natural way to live. Without laws, they would still think and behave the same, as it just makes sense. A constitution basically says it all for them, with anything lower just the details to be followed.

For those with a mental polarisation, laws provide the structure into which they can think about their lives.

Some don't quite get laws at the level they are framed, and so need the specification of the range of acceptable behaviours and actions that regulations provide.

For the rest, laws do not exist unless there is someone to physically pull them into line, in the form of police, soldiers, sherrifs or other officers.

These are not hard and fast, as people don't just operate at one level. Consciousness is fluid, and can vary from one situation to another. They are just a guide for getting a sense of coherence in examining how to view the totality of the law.

We are a bunch of people with different ways of looking at the world and how we relate to each other. We change as we learn, collectively, as well as individually. Laws need to change as we do, just so they don't limit our potential.

Hopefully, this article gives a coherent way of looking at what the law entails, and so make sure we are covering all facets when we frame them.

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