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Business has evolved from just being one person's vocation, to rivaling nations, so how do we make sure that that genie is still the servant.

The latter few centuries have seen the rise of non-human entities -- businesses -- with their own legal rights, powers and obligations, with some being comparable in stature to states.
A new retail model
With the increasing internationalisation of the clothing and other manufaturing sectors, mainly to take advantage of cheap labour, bricks-and-mortar retail stores in developed countries have taken a hit.
There is much talk about promoting innovation, but do governments really get how innovation occurs?
Sales tax - The middle class con
Sales taxes -- variously known as VAT or GST -- provide governments with extra revenue. They have usually been imposed instead of the politically unpalatable action of raising personal taxes.
The jobs spin
When politicians and business leaders talk about creating jobs, activate your spin radar, because they are not likely to be talking about well paying ones.
Trusting in big business
Governments are placing a lot of trust in businesses being the powerhouse of our economies, but investigations into the operations of big businesses show that that trust may be misplaced.

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